[Single] Este – Priiicetag

Este’s heavily distorted, bass driven song resembles exactly what Florida rap sounds like in it’s current state. The rapper adds in a sharp twist of lyricism and a catchy hook, taking the adrenaline level to the extreme. Entitled “Priicetag”, the song goes into great detail about what people will do to acquire the latest trends because of materialism and living in a superficial world. Este was raised in South Florida but later on moved to … Continue reading

[Video] TruSTony – The Devil’s Lettuce | @TrusTONY_

“The Devil’s Lettuce” from TruSTony summed up is a short film that expresses the frustration he felt with his “good job” and his relationship to the substance that helped him cope with that frustration. Directed by notable YouTuber TheAlmonteFilms, the video was shot all over the New York City area including Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City and finally Google’s YouTube Space in Manhattan. Born in the Town Of Kings (Kingston, Jamaica) but raised in Kings County, … Continue reading

[Single] Rashawn Banz – Lost | @rashawnbanz

The new single “Lost” from Rashawn Banz is a representation of what happens when you love something that doesn’t love you back. With his baritone vocals he resonates the pleasure and pain of waiting for something that might not come. Rashawn Banz is an American singer/songwriter from St. Louis, MO. With only three projects under his belt, the latest being “Uptown” (2018), Rashawn showcases an exponential leap in growth from his first project being released … Continue reading

gregNWMN – Forecast @gregnwmn

At the top of what’s looking to be a hot Summer, Riverside, California based recording artist gregNWMN has just dropped his long awaited visual, “Forecast”, the stand-out record originally released late 2017 Coupled with elements of rapidity, visual effects, & bold delivery, the “Forecast” music video takes multiple ques from the direction of the record itself. 10 seconds into the video you find yourself thrown into a combination of fluidity & chaos, which only continues … Continue reading

Louis Dead – Faded / Let Me Go @fireHouceLou

Louis Dead is a product of a childhood that found him bouncing between Georgia and Michigan. Growing up, the artist battled deep depression from a broken heart and his father’s incarceration. This eventually lead up to an attempted suicide and a stay at a mental institution. He’s done it all, from running the streets, mobbing and stealing. However, having a daughter began to change his outlook on life and with that thought, he looked towards … Continue reading

[Video] Mally Fu – Sweet Lady @OneTakeFu

“Sweet Lady” Is the single featured from Mally Fu’s latest mixtape, “One Take Fu”. “Sweet Lady” Is a melodic, smooth, track for the ladies, in which Mally delivers from the heart! Ladies keep it together, while young Mally Fu whispers Sweet nothing’s in your ear…. Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/ZRtBrbL7cNM Stay Connected IG & Twitter: @OneTakeFu Booking: JSwaggerManagement@gmail.com

[Single] @TherealJennaske – Pull Up

Hardtymes Records & EMPIRE Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc. presents Rising Queens recording artist, Jennaske, drops her latest single, “Pull Up.” make sure to check out more music from Miss Jennaske via SoundCloud Listen to Pull Up on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/jennaskee/pull-up Stay Connected Jennaske Booking: hardtymesrecords@outlook.com https://empire.lnk.to/JennaskePullUp https://www.snapchat.com/add/jennaske https://www.instagram.com/jennaske/ https://twitter.com/TherealJennaske https://www.youtube.com/c/JENNASKE https://soundcloud.com/jennaskee/tracks https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pull-up-single/1397547856 https://www.facebook.com/Jennaske-191688567964588/?ref=page_internal Hardtymes Records https://www.instagram.com/hardtymesrecords/ https://www.instagram.com/hardtymesdebo/

[Single] El Figi feat. Lil Fritz – Voodoo Beads @Whoisnoface @itslilfritz

Miami, FL artists El Figi aka Who Is No Face releases Voodoo Beads feat. Lil Fritz. Download and stream Voodoo Beads available on all digital platforms. Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4yb0QXA0L0tOPvqfnqEwgy iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/voodoo-beads-feat-lil-fritz-single/1411298075 YouTube https://youtu.be/hXIo8OBFtR4 Stay Connected El Figi https://song.link/us/i/1411298903 https://twitter.com/Whoisnoface https://www.instagram.com/el.figi/ https://soundcloud.com/whoisnoface https://open.spotify.com/album/4yb0QXA0L0tOPvqfnqEwgy https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/voodoo-beads-feat-lil-fritz-single/1411298075 https://play.google.com/music/listen#/wst/sm/Tkqxobc7pbhwkq6jucmwkgttvjm Lil Fritz https://twitter.com/itslilfritz https://soundcloud.com/lilfritz https://www.instagram.com/itslilfritz/

Kudoz – Revenue @realkudoz

Lifeofbknott directs and edits fellow Alabama artist Kudoz income fueled “Revenue” single. Outcasted from Montgomery, Kudoz is bringing a thriving cultural sound with lyrical content to a new era eager for a break outside the normal. Not many have the potential to break the barriers of life and recreate images so vividly with words from a southern point of view until now.

Lo Vibez – Hideout @LoVibez

Lo Vibez is a Pop / R&B artist from the Southside of Indianapolis. His goal as an artist is to paint entertaining pictures of emotions, at both the highs and lows of the human experience, particularly when it comes to love. His debut single, “Hideout”, was released on 7/4/18 and looks to be the soundtrack to the second half of summer pool parties and cookouts. The bouncy beat, infectious melodies and smooth vocals make it … Continue reading

Shlick Smit & Joule$ – iWantaChain @ShlickSmit @IMJOULES

Shlick Smit and Joule$ sound hungrier than ever on this summer banger produced by the mastermind, whoisDRO. The track, called “iWantaChain”, is sure make you lose all your shame, drop everything and chase the money as fast as you can. Keep your eyes peeled for the video coming soon, shot by Evan Croker. Shlick Smit: Shlick Smit began his performing career in NYC, before relocating to the LA area in 2014. His versatile sound runs … Continue reading

Rico Bee – Soo Madd @badazzrico

Rico Bee is a hot new artists out of the DFW Metroplex. He is very creative and has a very versatile flow. Rico uses music to provide insight to the youth, letting them know that they can accomplish when they put their mind to their goals. His creativity is very expandable and very different from other artists. This can be heard thru his latest release, the SDotFire-produced “Soo Madd”. Now, the track gets a visual … Continue reading

CTrip – Wild Thoughts @BrisSETt_GO

“Wild Thoughts” is the first single off of CTrip’s 5 track debut EP, “How It Feels In The NightTime”, released June 22. New York Outlaw produced the song that describes the “Wild Thoughts” a guy may have about a girl, simply because he’s lonely. Christian Brissett a.k.a CTrip is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. He currently attends the University of Iowa. C primarily makes Rap and Hip-Hop music but likes to incorporate R&B melodies into … Continue reading

T:ME Good / Same @isitagoodtime

After releasing 2 new singles within May and June, T:ME’s Soundcloud presence has caught attention by 687k listeners. His first 2 tracks “Good” and “Same” have reached mention from famous Instagram influencers and has reached 30k plays on Soundcloud on each track. T:ME is an emerging artist pushing the boundaries of music genres. The Brooklyn native delivers a blend of impressive vocals and raw, gritty verses over an eclectic soundscape, from tribal drums and 808’s … Continue reading

Leak Leisure – Still LNLY @LeakLeisure

A catchy blend of both rap and singing, Leak Leisure’s “Still LNLY’ chronicles the thoughts of a true loner trapped in their own mind. With exciting and bright visuals rivaling the dark undertones of the song itself, Leak takes the listener on their own self-reflection journey. Leak Leisure is a rapper/singer originally from Anchorage, Alaska. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the end of January 2018 to pursue his career in music head on. … Continue reading

Jaclyn Rachelle – Choosin @TerribleJac

“Choosin” is off L.A. songstress Jaclyn Rachelle’s new EP, “How To Stay Alive: Vol II”. It’s about looking at yourself and realizing who you are and who you want to be. Assessing your life and thinking “Is this me?” Jaclyn Rachelle makes it clear that all you need to know about her can be found woven into the pop-infused chords of her masterful soul tracks. Originally from California, Jaclyn Rachelle spent many years in Chicago … Continue reading

Hadji Gaviota – Ball & Chain @MalakaHadji

“Ball & Chain” is the first single from Hadji Gaviota’s upcoming album, “Captain”, due out this fall. The self-produced track has a melancholy, 80’s bounce to it with a catchy call-and-response (“I don’t really care!”) in the refrain. The video has the literal “ball” from “Ball & Chain” follow him through his day, with some scenic shots of Queens and Hadji’s fake band serving as a sort of Entourage meets the Wiggles crossover. Hadji Gaviota … Continue reading

EDF – Burbs @imEDF

Houston rapper EDF arrives with new a single titled “Burbs” featuring production from Platinum Hands. The record sets the pace on what we can expect from E’s upcoming project, “Westheimer Superstar”, set to release from Original Playa Records later this summer. “Westheimer Superstar” will include appearances from GLC and Stalley. Comparisons come a dime a dozen, however EDF strides to remove himself from that stigma as an artist by staying true to his creative roots. … Continue reading

Relic Saint Malo Ft Filey – Amor No More (Part 2) @Relic504

Relic Saint Malo and Filey have created another monster, literally. “Amor No More (Part 2)” is the newest single by Relic which has officially introduced his new sound, a derivative of his island roots. Stay tuned for alot more Caribbean Traphall heat from Relic Saint Malo very soon. Relic has performed numerous shows in New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and even for carnival on Utila, where his roots lie. He has collaborated with artists … Continue reading

Yung Kasso – Who Are You @YungKasso

“Who Are You” is the latest video from South Carolina rapper Yung Kasso’s upcoming project, “Kasso World”, a new era melody type flow with trap type beat. John Tavaris Stevenson (born July 3, 1994), professionally known as Yung Kasso, is an American rapper, singer, and song writer. He was born and raised in Columbia, S.C. His early work was placed on his first album, “Picture Perfect”, which featured big producers including Speaker Knockerz and Official … Continue reading