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Amanda Goldben, more commonly known as Mz. On Point has always had a love for music, growing up in a household filled with music. Over the years she found herself more involved behind the scenes, then in the spotlight. She realized she wanted to help other obtain their dreams not just live her own. After working in a professional office setting and capacity for over 10 years, it was time to find something new. She wanted to find something that would fully utilized her skills and abilities, while still allowing her to be not only the main provider but also caregiver for her daughter. Almost accidentally discovering her love for music and her business skills could be used together Mz. On Point knew this was she was meant to do and began her research and networking to build not only her business and brand, but also those of the artists and clients she would be helping along the way. In November 2012 she realized that online promotions, public relations, and brand exposure where her “nitch”, all those years of office experience and computer work were showing their true worth and potential became endless. In a few short year she has had the privilege of working with some very influential people within the industry. In January of 2013 she began with DJ Shalamar and became a part of Team Fuego and now handles most of Southern Fuego’s social media & promotions. Attending sometimes dozens of events a month Mz. On Point quickly made a name for her brand throughout Central Florida. Being sure to attend key networking events, and conferences to not only network but more importantly to expand her knowledge of the industry and perfect the services she offers. January 2014 Mz On Point had the privilege of becoming apart of the infamous and world renowned DJ coalition, Team Bigga Rankin & the Cool Running DJs. May 2015 Mz On Point was honored to learn that she had been chosen to receive the Hard Hitta Award at the the 7th Annual SCM Awards which took place in Memphis, Tennessee. While she wasn't able to make the trip to accept the award one of her mentors Bigga Rankin accepted it on her behalf.

[Mixtape] ♫ Self Made Radio X DJ Goonie “The Western Conference 19” ♫

“The Western Conference”by Self Made Radio & DJ GoonieMixtape link: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/28225/the-western-conference-19.html Connect with Self Made Radio & DJ Goonie:https://twitter.com/smradiomixtapeshttps://www.twitter.com/djgoonie Click here to listen to the mixtape

[Mixtape] ♫ Masspike Miles ♫

“Skky Miles 3 #BlocksNBedrooms”by Masspike MilesMixtape link: http://www.datpiff.com/Masspike-Miles-Skky-Miles-3-Pt-2-Blocks-Bedrooms-mixtape.615383.html Connect with Masspike Miles:https://twitter.com/masspikemilesmasspikebooking@gmail.com Click here to listen to the mixtape

[Single] DT – I Can’t Wait

->VirDiKO Music Promotion: Proudly Serving The World’s Best DJ’s! Artists: DT  Producer: D Rich Song: I Cant Wait Versions: Explicit Beats Per Minute: 138 Kbps: 320 Album/Mixtape/EP/Single:  General Comments: Gritty street anthem one that’s sure to get the blood flowing!! Presented by DT Hustlehard and Team Bigga Rankin.  Contact: Breezy Says Label: TBRMG Phone: 8006131593 City: Miami State: FL http://www.coolrunningdjs.com http://www.instagram.com/dthustleharder  http://www.twitter.com/dthustleharder  http://www.facebook.com/dthustleharder    http:// Celebrate tonight at Skyline w/ the Official Release

[Single] The Redland – No Sleep Born and raised in the Redlands of Oklahoma and Louisiana respectively, Kose and Earv were naturally inspired to call the music duo they would go on to form ‘The Redland.’ But once their individual forms of expression crossed paths and began to meld into a dynamic sound that they considered a “state of mind” and a “voice that brings people together,” The Redland transcended the reference of simply being … Continue reading

S8ighty ft. Supa Blanco – #Circle | DJs Send Your Drop Scripts & Feedback on this Record! Submit Your Music & Music Video at MP3Waxx.com

  ZERO TO SIXTY ENTERTAINMENT S8ighty ft. Supa Blanco “#Circle” Download Here         DJs Send Your Feedback & Drop Scripts! zeroto60ent@gmail.com Contact MP3Waxx: mp3waxxcontact@gmail.com SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC & MUSIC VIDEO AT MP3WAXX.COM

[Single] Ripcord (@RipcordBamaBoy) “She Work” Produced by TP

[Single] “She Work” from Ripcord (Produced by TP) Mz On Point Promo & Street Fame Entertainment LLC bring to you #SheWork the hot, new, radio ready single from Ripcord. Ripcord is a native of Birmingham, AL more commonly known as Murdaham to those familiar with it’s violence. He is not only a survivor of his environment but has proven to be a true leader, a hustler, & someone who was born to lead . Having … Continue reading

Twista ft. Tia London – It’s Yours | Submit Your Music & Music Video at MP3Waxx.com

  Twista ft. Tia London “It’s Yours” (Clean, Dirty & Instrumental Versions Included) Download Here Contact MP3Waxx: mp3waxxcontact@gmail.com — Select your MP3Waxx Service Package Here Pricing | Music Submissions | Video Submissions | Radio Play — MP3Waxx: The Industry’s No. 1 Music & Video Promotion Service — MP3Waxx sends your music to our 843,000 contacts that allows your music to be heard and considered seriously. Our contacts consist of 65,000 DJs worldwide–radio DJs, music directors, program directors, club, satellite, mixtape, internet … Continue reading


Baton Rouge, LA ~ If you have ever been in traffic near a train track and realized the light is about to turn red leaving you dangerously close to the lowering crossing gate, you will relate to the feeling your first listen to Racked Up Ready’s single “It’s Real” will leave you with. Ready’s gravelly voice and dark delivery over an incongruently bouncy XFlye track will leave you sure you just narrowly escaped with your life somehow.“It’s Real” is Ready’s latest offering off … Continue reading