Bados and love.wav – Cool Off

Producer love.wav and rapper Bados collaborate for a full length album titled “After Hours”, set to be released in the fall of 2018. “Cool Off” is the debut single from the project, supported by a music video directed and edited by Vicente Contreras. Keep an eye on both these San Diego natives in the coming times but for now, peep the video.

Madi Black Ft Joe Moses – Beat The Case @yaboymadib

Two of California’s smoothest rappers unite together for one common goal, to “Beat The Case”. JNB Visuals lend their talents to the mix by cooking up a slick lyric video for the release. Madi Black and Joe Moses cross examine the fraudulent foes, all the while doing so in a calm and collective flow. The flick is available for viewing on YouTube below.

[Video] MyNamesStan Ft QP – Keep The Change | @MyNamesStan_ @QpOnABeat

MyNamesStan & QP return to film an official video for “Keep The Change” in Hollywood, shot by LewisYouNasty MyNamesStan is an artist originally from upstate New York who moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Stan is heavily influenced by Atlanta artists such as Gucci Mane, Gunna, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Migos, with his favorite artist being Young Thug. Quran Pryatt who goes by the stage name QP is from North Atlanta and is an all around talent as … Continue reading

[Single] Jamel Deon – The Breather | @Jamel_Deon

Jamel Deon makes his climatic return to the music scene to debut “The Breather”, a brutal bar-for-bar verbal assault Also known as The Pen Prodigy, the gifted emcee manhandles the daylights out of an eerie piano laced production, courtesy of frequent producer collaborator, Moshunn. The Las Vegas native’s sound on the single is what one can describe as “East meets West”. The keys are reminiscent of “Name Ya Poison”, a song from Mobb Deep’s 1999 … Continue reading

[Single] Este – Priiicetag

Este’s heavily distorted, bass driven song resembles exactly what Florida rap sounds like in it’s current state. The rapper adds in a sharp twist of lyricism and a catchy hook, taking the adrenaline level to the extreme. Entitled “Priicetag”, the song goes into great detail about what people will do to acquire the latest trends because of materialism and living in a superficial world. Este was raised in South Florida but later on moved to … Continue reading

[Video] TruSTony – The Devil’s Lettuce | @TrusTONY_

“The Devil’s Lettuce” from TruSTony summed up is a short film that expresses the frustration he felt with his “good job” and his relationship to the substance that helped him cope with that frustration. Directed by notable YouTuber TheAlmonteFilms, the video was shot all over the New York City area including Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City and finally Google’s YouTube Space in Manhattan. Born in the Town Of Kings (Kingston, Jamaica) but raised in Kings County, … Continue reading

[Single] Rashawn Banz – Lost | @rashawnbanz

The new single “Lost” from Rashawn Banz is a representation of what happens when you love something that doesn’t love you back. With his baritone vocals he resonates the pleasure and pain of waiting for something that might not come. Rashawn Banz is an American singer/songwriter from St. Louis, MO. With only three projects under his belt, the latest being “Uptown” (2018), Rashawn showcases an exponential leap in growth from his first project being released … Continue reading

gregNWMN – Forecast @gregnwmn

At the top of what’s looking to be a hot Summer, Riverside, California based recording artist gregNWMN has just dropped his long awaited visual, “Forecast”, the stand-out record originally released late 2017 Coupled with elements of rapidity, visual effects, & bold delivery, the “Forecast” music video takes multiple ques from the direction of the record itself. 10 seconds into the video you find yourself thrown into a combination of fluidity & chaos, which only continues … Continue reading

Louis Dead – Faded / Let Me Go @fireHouceLou

Louis Dead is a product of a childhood that found him bouncing between Georgia and Michigan. Growing up, the artist battled deep depression from a broken heart and his father’s incarceration. This eventually lead up to an attempted suicide and a stay at a mental institution. He’s done it all, from running the streets, mobbing and stealing. However, having a daughter began to change his outlook on life and with that thought, he looked towards … Continue reading

Kudoz – Revenue @realkudoz

Lifeofbknott directs and edits fellow Alabama artist Kudoz income fueled “Revenue” single. Outcasted from Montgomery, Kudoz is bringing a thriving cultural sound with lyrical content to a new era eager for a break outside the normal. Not many have the potential to break the barriers of life and recreate images so vividly with words from a southern point of view until now.