[Video] G Cinco – Big Checks @flashgthe3rd

Minnesota Twins short-stop and hip hop artist Nicholas Chad Gordon aka G Cinco recently released this new visual for his single “Big Checks” off EP I do it all, check it out listen to more of his music via Spotify. YouTube Video https://youtu.be/dguLVp5ykYc Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/flashgthe3rd https://twitter.com/flashgthe3rd https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEip4FZORnaeDCnQa2Lw7A/about

[Video] G Cinco – I Do It All @flashgthe3rd

Minnesota Twins short-stop Nicholas Chad Gordon aka hip hop artist G Cinco recently released this new visual for his single “I Do It All” off EP I do it all, check it out listen to more of his music via Spotify. Official Video https://youtu.be/At7LsbzUTSg Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/flashgthe3rd https://twitter.com/flashgthe3rd https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEip4FZORnaeDCnQa2Lw7A/about

[Single] @LaLegacie – Latino Blues Featuring Żabel

Award-winning French band La Legacie teams up with Zabel for their new record “Latino Blues” with heavy Jazz & Blues influence. Both La Legacie and Zabel record their music at Dawn To Dusk Studios where they linked up for this collaboration in a very natural and organic way. It is clear that there is some chemistry on this record as their sounds blend as if they have been playing together for years. “Latino Blues” may … Continue reading

[Single] TSC – Hotel @OfficalTSC

Hit the telly with TSC aka The Soul Child in his new single “Hotel” a trap-inspired banger that details the movie-like lifestyle of TSC. This autotune-driven single has a good balance of melody and raps that seems to be the formula for a hit in 2018 and with a quality instrumental and relevant subject matter, there is no reason “Hotel” can’t be a summer smash. Although TSC has a modernized approach on “Hotel” he cites … Continue reading

[Album] @1BPace – Backwoods & Burritos 2

Self-proclaimed rockstar BPace has a lot to prove on his new project Backwoods & Burritos 2. The former video-director turned rapper is now making a flawless transition from behind-the-scenes to being in front of the camera. The 24-year-old Atlanta-based entertainer has accumulated over 23,000 subscribers on YouTube and over a million views. Backwoods & Burritos 2 is a testament to Bspace’s commitment as a rapper and a quality showcase of his ability with the pen. With a laid-back, … Continue reading

[Video] @KevThePope feat Jav – Where Were You (Shot By @vTapeken)

Brooklyn emcee Kev The Pope has a message for the ones that didn’t hold him down on his new single “Where Were You” featuring Jav. “Where Were You” is the lead single off Kevs upcoming album Crazy Weird Cool Love set for release May 25th. Although this record explores themes of deceit and portrayal, Kev remains positive and his overall tone is more triumphant than defeated. With an instrumental that includes a modernized bop and flows from the two … Continue reading

[Video] Yung Damon! – No Favors @1YUNGDAMON

Savannah, Georgia rapper Yung Damon isn’t offering any handouts on his new single “No Favors” produced by G.Money. “No Favors” has a steady bop which can be credited to the clear chemistry between Damon and G.Money. With well-written raps on the verse, a triumphant chorus and a banger of an instrumental, “No Favors” has the formula for success. Not only does this record have a strong sonic presentation, but the visual shot by @effinglulu does … Continue reading

[Video] Jasmin Cadavid – Strike A Pose @JasminCadavid

Female artist Jasmin Cadavid release her official music video directed by Bamlv, Edgar Estevez, & Young Chang for her second single entitled “Stroke A Pose” produced by Sonaro from her upcoming EP project. She decides to strike again why the iron is hot after her debut single “Float” did really well. Stay tuned for her upcoming EP project releasing later this year. Watch now on YouTube https://youtu.be/Y2BpndAH6IM Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/JasminCadavid/ https://www.instagram.com/JazzyRollingPapers/ http://jazzyrollingpapers.com https://cbdhemp.direct/jazzy-cbd https://soundcloud.com/JasminCadavid https://twitter.com/JasminCadavid … Continue reading

[Single] Russo – Stick Tlk @STFO33records

Russo releases new single “Stick Tlk” Russo is dedicated to making hits for his fans and spreading his music across the entire world. Russo – Stick Tlk Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/mike-russo-341005180 YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/f5bpHXBrmho Stay Connected w/ Russo https://twitter.com/STFO33records https://youtu.be/f5bpHXBrmho https://www.instagram.com/shotdafukout/ https://soundcloud.com/mike-russo-341005180 https://open.spotify.com/album/5VQD8Z4lsOvQj8qIs4PavM

[Single] @RanShawGme – Free Game (Prod. By Don Cheese)

Randy Ranshaw Shaw is a 22 yr old from Uptown Philly with the dreams and talent of being a artist. After completing high school and moving on to college Ranshaw decided to follow his dream of being a world wide super star. His first concert held at Voltage Lounge in Philly sold out in June which made him more determined to win. Ranshaw has performed at sold out shows at the TLA in Philly with … Continue reading