GREETINGS BISHOP, GREAT TO LINK UP WITH YOU AND PROVIDE US WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO POSE A FEW QUESTIONS. YOUR TRACK, ‘RUNNIN BACK’, IS QUITE A REMARKABLE ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT IN EVERY MUSICAL ASPECT. SO TELL US, WHAT INSPIRED THE TRACK? Peace to you and yours. I appreciate your interest in the single. I’m humbled by the reviews and this subsequent interview. It is psychologically impactful when you’re exposed to albums like “Black America Again” [Common] … Continue reading

New Streets Interview w/ RC & Kaydence @kaydencevisus @storyofrc

RC & Kaydence , for those new to the names, let everyone know who you are and what you do. RC – I’m an Urban Pop Artist, Song Writer, Director & Intern A&R Kaydence– I am an artist and songwriter – Queens Native currently residing in LA. RC, give us a little background on you as an artist. When did you start? Who Influenced you? When did you know you wanted this to be your … Continue reading

Trae Tha Truth Rescues Hurricane Victims

Trae Tha Truth Rescues Hurricane Victims

Trae Tha Truth is a hero. The Houston legend was interviewed while on the front lines of the after math of Hurricane Harvey, rescuing victims with the Fire Department who are trapped in their homes in the completely flooded city. “Words can really explain it,” Trae told the FOX 26 reporter when asked to describe the scene. “I felt helpless yesterday when I had to be rescued so I know that feeling,” He continued. “We … Continue reading

Out Now The Grynd Report Issue 26 Cortez Edition @cortez_hsp

Brooklyn Artist/Battle rapper Cortez has been Grynding hard for years. Coming from nothing he has used music as a way to tell his story and battling as a way to fuel his hunger. His battle’s on youtube are viewed from 200,000 to 2 Million times daily and with a new project out, its only right that we put his hard work in the fore front of The Grynd Report. Take a look at issue 26 … Continue reading

[Interview] Exclusive one on one with Artist/Entrepreneur P.Digga! @itspdigga

Thank you for taking time with us P.Digga. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from. My name is P.Digga aka The CoalCity, I’m from Enugu, Nigeria. What’s the meaning behind your name? As I started freestyling with my friends during my high school days and was getting known by the whole students at that time. The name P.Digga came along as my school mates who believe I will get paid in music industry … Continue reading

[Interview] Lil Fats – CEO of Coast 2 Coast LIVE

[Interview] Lil Fats - CEO of Coast 2 Coast LIVE

What is Coast 2 Coast Live? “Simply put; Coast 2 Coast Live is the Largest Artist Showcase In The World. We are a live version of American Idol for Hip Hop artists, where they perform in front of celebrity judges with a chance to win prizes. This year in 2017 the grand prize was $25,000 and next year in 2018 the grand prize is $50,000 for the top 1st place winner.” How many shows does … Continue reading

SKE Records next up says Shawn Archer on Popolitickin!!! @iamshawnarcher

Shawn Archer is part of music next empire SKE Records. Check out his latest interview as he waa a guest on Popolitickin and speaks on ep Swag & 808’s and more.

Philly’s Trel Mack on Popolitckin talks success, new music and more @trelmack

Trel Mack has co-founded his own label SKE records as well with popular journalist/publicist Quinton Hatfield, Q The Question. The two formed their partnership back in 2006 and with the great feedback gained from the past music, things this time around are ready to move. “Me and Q, have some big things coming and we have a very huge movement in store. Brand new videos, chart-topping music and a movement with SKE records, what we … Continue reading

Out Now- The Grynd Report Issue 25 Tone Trump Edition @tonetrump

Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump has beaten the odds when it comes to being a hustler. Coining himself as the Greatest Hustler Alive he proves hard work mixed with consistent Prayer can get you where you want to be. Now with the release of his project American hustler we dive deep into Tone Trump’s mind to show why he is the greatest hustler alive. Issue 25 also Features, Drag-On, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Joey Bada$$, iGE COOP, … Continue reading

Introducing @MiamiTy305

Introducing @MiamiTy305

Name: Vincent Willoughby City/State: Johnstown, Pa Stage name: Miami Ty Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop/New Wave Favorite drink? Snapple Favorite artist? Ludacris How long have you been doing music? I’ve messed around with music almost all my life, however I really started perfecting my talent about four years ago.  How would you describe your music? My music is versatile. You never know what you’re going to get when you play one of my songs. What are some of the biggest … Continue reading