[Interview] Introducing @margo_simmons

[Interview] Introducing @margo_simmons

Recently Aidem Media Group hung out with with a new artist in the game, Margo, and WE have the exclusive interview!! Tell us a little bit about your self? I live in my own world and learning to be responsible for whatever I create. I’m a truth seeker and a risk taker. I’ve learned to take my power back.  I was born a story teller and I have many. I’ve been the living dead for … Continue reading

[Interview] Introducing MVP (@malikstudios)

Recently Aidem Media Group hung out with with a new artist in the game, MVP and WE have the exclusive interview!! Tell us a little bit about your self? I’m Half Italian and Black and I’m from Harlem born in Buffalo raised in Harlem NYC so I’m definitely a New Yorker, and like any New Yorker I’ve been all over the US but I have offspring living in the south and I have lived there … Continue reading

[Interview] Introducing Rhino G

[Interview] Introducing Rhino G

Video aside, the single “SAK PASE” campaign is sure to be recognized by the best fans and media Moguls/Tycoons in the industry. This hot Artist; who is proud to say he’s an “Haitian American” has been working non-stop to build his music career.  Lets Get Started! Mr. Rhino G! Who are you? I mean what makes you rise and shine daily? I’m a father, best friend, business owner and an artist. Most importantly I’m a … Continue reading

New Inteview with FARROCK MILLZ @farrockmillz

FARROCKMILLZ thanks for spending time with us. For our readers give us a back ground of where you are from? First off, thanx for having me. I truly appreciate u and your reader’s time. But yea, I’m from Far Rockaway Queens. In the street it’s considered the “6th borough” It’s the birth place of legends like Father MC, Stack Bundles, and Chinx Drugz. And of course myself “FarrockMillz” Describe what life was like living in … Continue reading

[Interview] DaTBoYZ3L Visits BrinkTV | @DaTBoYZ3L


Jackson, Tennessee recording artist DaTBoYZ3L is still making rounds with his 2016 full length, debut album, “DaTBoY”.  Z3L has dropped numerous singles and videos from the project such as “Stressing”. Wasting zero time, he continues to stride ahead and announced his forthcoming album, #DatSeason, and it’s lead off single, “Danger”. Aside from music, Z3L is hard at work branding his movement and plans to launch many more items from his clothing line. Just recently, DBZ … Continue reading


GREETINGS BISHOP, GREAT TO LINK UP WITH YOU AND PROVIDE US WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO POSE A FEW QUESTIONS. YOUR TRACK, ‘RUNNIN BACK’, IS QUITE A REMARKABLE ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT IN EVERY MUSICAL ASPECT. SO TELL US, WHAT INSPIRED THE TRACK? Peace to you and yours. I appreciate your interest in the single. I’m humbled by the reviews and this subsequent interview. It is psychologically impactful when you’re exposed to albums like “Black America Again” [Common] … Continue reading

New Streets Interview w/ RC & Kaydence @kaydencevisus @storyofrc

RC & Kaydence , for those new to the names, let everyone know who you are and what you do. RC – I’m an Urban Pop Artist, Song Writer, Director & Intern A&R Kaydence– I am an artist and songwriter – Queens Native currently residing in LA. RC, give us a little background on you as an artist. When did you start? Who Influenced you? When did you know you wanted this to be your … Continue reading

Trae Tha Truth Rescues Hurricane Victims

Trae Tha Truth Rescues Hurricane Victims

Trae Tha Truth is a hero. The Houston legend was interviewed while on the front lines of the after math of Hurricane Harvey, rescuing victims with the Fire Department who are trapped in their homes in the completely flooded city. “Words can really explain it,” Trae told the FOX 26 reporter when asked to describe the scene. “I felt helpless yesterday when I had to be rescued so I know that feeling,” He continued. “We … Continue reading

Out Now The Grynd Report Issue 26 Cortez Edition @cortez_hsp

Brooklyn Artist/Battle rapper Cortez has been Grynding hard for years. Coming from nothing he has used music as a way to tell his story and battling as a way to fuel his hunger. His battle’s on youtube are viewed from 200,000 to 2 Million times daily and with a new project out, its only right that we put his hard work in the fore front of The Grynd Report. Take a look at issue 26 … Continue reading

[Interview] Exclusive one on one with Artist/Entrepreneur P.Digga! @itspdigga

Thank you for taking time with us P.Digga. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from. My name is P.Digga aka The CoalCity, I’m from Enugu, Nigeria. What’s the meaning behind your name? As I started freestyling with my friends during my high school days and was getting known by the whole students at that time. The name P.Digga came along as my school mates who believe I will get paid in music industry … Continue reading