[Video] Mighty – No Pictures (starring @jessicamoglie) @Mighty1707

No Pictures is a fun, party song inspired by the lack of discretion in today’s society. We use pictures, videos, etc. to document everything, even when we are not aware of others filming. “Don’t go to sleep cause she might take ya photo” Song prod by SlapMaster Watch on Vevo http://vevo.ly/14cC26 Listen on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/mighty707/mighty-no-pictures-prod-by-slapmaster Connect w/ @Mighty1707 on Twitter & IG Booking: mighty1707@gmail.com

[Video] Jayryde & Lil Sleep Da King – “Aye” (@jayrydemusic @lilsleepdaking)

Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King have the streets on lock and prove the statement in their new video, “Aye”. Directed by Film Lord, the video gives viewers an up close and personal look at Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King‘s daily life in St. Louis. That life is far from the regular, as one would expect. What appears as a typical home from the outside soon unveils it’s inner workings thru the course of the … Continue reading

Sloan Bone & Horse Shoe Gang – “Lyrical Murder” @iamSLOANBONE @HORSESHOEGANG

Seasoned lyricist Sloan Bone is joined by the barbarians of Horse Shoe Gang to purge words and slaughter beats in “Lyrical Murder”. For close to four minutes straight, Sloan and HSG play off each other’s verses and literally kill off any use of a hook. Who needs a hook when you can verbally juggle a plethora of nouns and verbs? If you’re not familiar with Sloan, he is known for his Mo Thugs work alongside … Continue reading

[Video] The Last Wordbender – Fast Food & No Sleep @DjustinMcFly

Rockford’s The Last Wordbender is gearing up to debut his next, full length album this summer entitled “Rumble In The Rock”. We got a slight taste of what to expect from the project when Wordbender delivered the lead off single, “Fast Food & No Sleep”, at the start of 2017. During that time, the Illinois emcee and spoken word poet promised a video to back the DJ BrickRock-produced anthem for the starving artist. Well, that … Continue reading

[Video] @ItsVain #ImGone

[Video] @ItsVain #ImGone

Weed, Loud, Gas, Pot, Grass, Ganga, Blunt, Reefer, Marijuana, Cannabis, 420, Chronic, Mary Jane, Gangster, Rope…… It has many names and just as many highs! Can you relate? 4/20 is National Smokeout Day! Some consider it the day to celebrate smoking weed while others consider it the day to stop smoking tobacco. VAIN commemorates this pot lovers day with his “I’m Gone,” Video which takes a spin off on the Cult Classic Friday! VAIN takes … Continue reading

[Video] D. L. Prime – “Hunidville” | @dlprimemob

Felony Squad Mafia issues an optical treatment to the D.L. Prime-assisted, “Hunidville”. PrimeMediaWorks jumps behind the lens as the collective gives an inside look at the streets of Allentown, Pennsylvania aka “Hunidville”. With plenty of Hennessy on hand, FSM and Prime trap the hell out over the Mubbz Beats street ode. Get familiar to Felony Squad Mafia below and keep both eyes peeled for their “Goonies Never Die” album to release soon.

[Video] Weirdo Westwood King – “Match Sum” | @WeirdoKing

Just in time for the 4/20 holidaze, rapper and weed connoisseur Weirdo Westwood King smacks a visual behind the DJ Paul KOM-produced “Match Sum”. Prepare yourselves for kush smoke and deep bass while King turns up while flashing his goody bag. Look for Weirdo’s new project coming soon via Scale-A-Ton.

[Video]- Desi Dezz X Ellie – “Young MA Types” @Desidezzmusic

Saint Louis Native Desi Dezz displays it all in “Young MA Types”. Desi Dezz first clenched attention when his song “Cash Out” appeared on HipHopDX last year. Now, he returns with a new song titled “Young MA Types”. The track is an epode of vibrant lyrics and catchy hip beats. The video starts off with girls soaking in, the enjoyment of a Jacuzzi with balloons, drinks, along with Desi taking in the excitement. The scene … Continue reading

[Video] King Subz ft Ted Euler – Duck or Get Hit @SubzMontann @Tedeuler_HD

[Video] King Subz ft Ted Euler – Duck or Get Hit Connect w/ King Subz & Ted Euler Twitter @SubzMontann @Tedeuler_HD IG @SubzMontann @Tedeuler_23 Booking DJADED91@GMAIL.COM OR BOOKSUBZ4SHOWS@GMAIL.COM