Dear King,

First I’d like to say: thank you for earning your crown. It’s not easy nowadays to live in a way that deserves the adornment of royalty yet. You haven’t fallen victim to the influences of today’s society and have held your standards as high as your head, and for that we are grateful.
Who are we you may ask… We are your queens. You may not see us as you scroll your timeline, and we may not have 10,000 followers on Instagram. Not saying that we don’t use social media, we definitely do, but because we don’t twerk and we choose not to expose our treasure to the rest of the world, we’re sometimes harder to notice. We are not extinct. We are merely waiting on you to realize that you need us again and that we need you.
When you find us dear king, don’t be afraid, We come in peace, bearing peace.. your peace. Our strength is not to spite you, nor weaken you. You require a strong and courageous partner. You require a queen.
Did you know that it’s the lioness that hunts? Her duty is to seek out prey, and fight as she must to make sure that her pride is nourished, and when she returns with the kill it’s the strongest that takes the largest share. You are strongest dear king. We are proud to call you our “pride” You give us purpose because you are our purpose. Encourage us. Praise us for a job well don for our mission is not complete unless you are nourished… unless you are satisfied.
When we are out hunting alone… we still need you. We are only operating and behaving in the way that we were designed to. It’s in our nature to seek and provide. Whether we have a king to run back to or not it’s in our DNA to “go and get”. Please be assured that we want to run back to you. We want a king.
dear king
Guys that may have tried to our kings in your absence may try to tell you negative things about us. They may call us bourgeoisie, stuck up or may even convince you that we don’t want a man at all. They may try to sway you from pursuing a lioness and that you should settle for an easier “puss”. They have no right. The hyena can’t tell the king of the jungle what he needs. He’s not royal dear king. He doesn’t speak our language. He’s not even our species. it’s not that we are overly aggressive, but we do recognize the need to be protected… with no king around we will protect ourselves. Remember we are the hunters. We are capable. We’ve had to be assertive and more decisive in your absence. The hyenas were fickle. They were unsure. We are capable. we don’t do well with slack. we pick it up when we see it. We are queens, even without a king around we are still who we are. We apologize if that has made you feel less than the king you are, however, we can’t apologize for being who we have been created and/or called to be. Only a weak male would find us to be a threat. we are designed to submit to you. If we don’t then ask yourself: what kind of king have I been?
Remember dear king, nothing worth having comes easy, and the things that come easy aren’t usually worth having. Don’t fear our success. the more we “kill” the more we bring back to you. Our successes are a reflection of you. Don’t confuse our fearlessness w/ aggression. When kings
Who are we you may still ask. We are your mothers..your sisters.. your future wives and the women who should be raising your daughters and sons. You may not see us as you scroll your timeline. We don’t show our naked behinds so we’re sometimes harder to notice, but we do exist. We’re only waiting on you to need us again… more than you need, money, molly, or mistresses… more than you need false gratification from those who don’t even understand what it is that you are. Yes, we are capable of doing it all, but we don’t want to. We want you. We need you. Dear King
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