The Eyez of the Beholder


What you see is not always a depiction of what is being displayed but more often a reflection of one’s own thoughts, beliefs, and intelligence levels. For instance, the picture above– what do you see?

When I first came across this image on Facebook at first glance my only thought was wow what a beautiful chocolate model and  creative family photo. I scrolled on really didn’t think anymore about it until I kept seeing and discovered social media had deemed the picture “controversial”. Personally, I initially didn’t understand where the shock and outrage was coming from until I read some of the comments which expressed disgust with this beautiful woman because she is what they called “half-naked” in front of her own kids. I even saw some that called her “ratchet” I read accusations that this picture even bore Illuminati references because of her hand positioning and that of the kids.


So I looked again.  You can’t miss the beautiful brown skin, her braids and their afros. Momma has these babies in “formation” literally lol. I mean at least that’s what I see. As I said, we see what we think, feel and know, and I don’t know anything about Illuminati references but what I am familiar with is my Yoni, and with the yoni symbol. Yoni literally means “vagina” or “womb”.  A woman placing her hand in a universally recognized symbol in front of her seeds is definitely no reason for alarm or disgust.

Upon further reading, I found that in Sanskrit yoni means: place of birth, the source of origin. So look again. Isn’t she the source? The place of birth?  Man or no man in the picture this would still hold true but her strong stance in the front proudly repping her womb makes even more sense in his absence. She is the head, the leader. Unclothed in her natural state,  I see pride, independence, confidence, and vulnerability which is shown even more so in the picture below that is not going viral like the other.


What do you see now? Is she still ratchet? Should she still put some clothes on in front of those babies? Is she a Black Panther or she still in the Illuminati lol? All I know for sure is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I for one see this and behold beauty.



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