[Interview] Big Cuz (@TheRealBigCuz)

StreetsOnPoint’s own WorldWideKeege sat down with Atlanta‘s own Big Cuz to find out a little more about his music and his tricks to the trade.

 [Interview] Big Cuz (@TheRealBigCuz)

Big Cuz (Left) w/ @Rapjuggernaut (Right) during the 2016 TBR Diamond Awards

You titled some of your tracks “I Just Want A Million”, “Get It Out The Bowl”, & “Every Time My Phone Ring”. Where did you come from to want so much?

East Atlanta ! I took a lot of losses, and I realized one day that I can’t take anymore. I had to overcome life and make myself the best artist I could be. With 9 Kids, I had to get it out of the mud.

You can ride a beat very well. You find those pockets and you stick em’. What do you think contributes to that aspect of your artistry ?

I purposely listen to a lot of music. I purposely listen to and love my music, but I’m not afraid of trying things. I like to see how this could be tweaked or that could be made better. It guarantees a different sound.

Your verses are fire, with some dope tone variations to go along with it. You can get really deep, or just raspy or even a whisper voice. Yet they still sound all like Big Cuz! How is that??

I spend a lot of time in the studio. So while I’m in there I figured I might as well explore my voice.

If there was one artist in the world who you would compare your music to. Who would it be?

I like to think of myself as the black Phil Collins.

Where are the songs for the ladies? We want to ride too!

I have “She Ready” which is kinda like a strip club anthem. But I dropped a valentine’s day tape a couple years back that’s still heat called “Fuck You Sex Tape Vol1” and you can find that on LiveMixtapes as well.

The production of “This Mixtape is W.A.C.” is phenomenal. Listening to it in the studio made it sound even more monumental. Who were some of the producers on the project?

Aw man, you’re right. Some great dudes. But um, Shawty Fresh, Trunk Food, DJ Plug, Rick Claire.

Sounds dope. So you’re a man of many voices, are you a man of many hats?

Yeah, I actually know how to do most of the production. I produced a couple records from this tape as well.

Check out Big Cuz’s single ‘She Ready’ below:

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