[Mixtape Review] Paper Route Empire “Bosses & Shooters”

bs2Independent music has made a wave for artists to be able to make the money that they all dream about making without having to sign a threatening contract.  One of the bosses that made this evident is CEO of independent label, Paper Route Empire, Young Dolph.  He released a mixtape this week with the newest signees to the label.
The 16 track project leaves speakers bumping and heads nodding to the 808’s most of the way through.  I can’t say for sure that I am sold on the artists, Jay Fizzle and Nino Brown, chosen to represent PRE on this mixtape.  Some of their flows were a little dry and lacking creativity but a majority of their bars were dope and sounded nice together.  

bs3Dolph comes on the track and annihilates with his swag, so I hope he is teaching these two how to do the same.  They need to go back in the lab and practice the cook up a couple of times.  My favorite tracks are “Attic” and “All About” which are mostly covered by Dolph.  Hopefully Fizzle and Brown will develop their own swag and begin to create the wave that Dolph did, but larger.  Check out the tracklist below, and click on the link to download “Bosses and Shooters” today!  

Dat Piff – Bosses & Shooters

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