Streets On Point offers a variety of services through our affiliates, sponsors and most important our staff. We have worked very hard to gain these networks & make these services available to you, our client, and the general public.

Keep in mind these services aren’t always restricted to artists but can include any aspect of the music industry & the hip hop culture in general. We’ve worked with artists, DJs, producers, clothing brands, studios, venues and more.

For more information on our services please email us at —

Social Media Promotion
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
5 Accounts – $20/wk or $60/mo
10 Accounts – $35/wk or $100/mo
30 Accounts – $50/wk or $150/mo

Team Bigga Rankin Social Media Promotion
Twitter Promo $75/wk
Social Network Promo $125/wk

Single Feedback from Team Bigga Rankin
VirDiko Upload $100
Conference Call Package $300
(Also Incl: Virdiko Upload, Written Feedback, Email Blast, Social Media Promo)

Single Feedback from Fleet DJs
Email Blast w/ Feedback $200
Conference Call $150

Blog / Video Website Placement
3 Sites — $5
10 Sites — $10
20 Sites — $20
30 Sites — $30
40 Sites — $40
Team Bigga Rankin Blog Sites (80 sites) — $100
MzOnPoint Takeover (120 Blogs) — $175

Email Blast
Email Blast $20
Team Bigga Rankin Blast $150
Fleet DJs Blast $100

Single/Mixtape Introduction — $50+
Bios – $75+

StreetsOnPoint Website Interview — $75
OG Radio On Air Interview — $50 (includes flyer)
Hypnotique Effect On Air Interview — $75 (includes flyer)
Radio Divas On Air Interview — $80
WeNetworkWednesdays On Air Interview — $100
(include single played, flyer & social media)
The Grynd Report Website Interview — $25

Mixtape Services
LiveMixtape Uploads start at $500
MyMixtapes Upload start at $300

StreetsOnPoint Placement
(Promo from StreetsOnPoint included in ALL services)
Standard Placement — $25
Single Review — $25
Written Interview — $25
Featured Artist Spotlight — $150
(Included 1 Month Promo, Featured Placement on Site & Addtional 20 Blog Sites)

Product Placement/Street Promo
Ocala/Gainesville Market
100 – 500 Copies (Within 20 Miles) – $75
500 – 1000 Copies (Within 30 Miles) – $150
1000 – 1500 Copies (Within 40 Miles) – $200
1500 – 2000 Copies (Within 50 Miles) – $240
(Photos & Videos Provided For Each Client)

Registration Services
ASCAP/BMI — $100
SoundExchange/BDS/Mediabase — $25/ea

Coding Services
Copyright– $50/track
Mixtape, EP or Album — $150 (minimum 5 tracks)
ISRC of Single Track — $65
ISRC of Mixtape, EP or Album — $175 (up to 15 track)

Additional Team Bigga Rankin Services
Priority Record Includes: Custom Email Blasts, Single Uploaded to Virdiko, Written DJ Feedback, Conference Call w/ Bigga Ranking & the Cool Running DJs, Blog Placement of Single on 60 sites, 1 Month Social Media Promo (Twitter/FB/IG), Minimum 2 Mixtape Slots — $1000/30 Days

Priority Artist Includes: Custom Email Blast, Single Uploaded to Viriko, Written DJ Feedback, Conference call w/ Bigga Rankin & the Cool Running DJs, Blog Placement of Single on 60 sites, 1 Month of Social Media Promo (Twitter/FB/IG), Minimum 2 Mixtape Slots, Single added to TBR/CRDJ DJ Pool — $2000/45 days

The Grynd Report Magazine
Magazine Cover Package- $350
Include(s) a two page written interview, ten printed copies shipped to you, single/mixtape/video posted on TGR website, & five days of social media promotion of said single/mixtape/video.

Full Page Interview- $80
Include(s)one full page written interview, two printed copies shipped to you, single/video posted on TGR websites, & five days of social media promotions of said single/video.

TGR Spotlight (Artists, Producers, DJs)- $50
Include(s) a High Resolution Pic, Bio, Social Media Info, Current Project Promotion

Magazine AD Promo Full Page — $30
For Flyers, Clothing lines, promoters etc. High Resolution Graphics client’s responsibility

Featured Model Package- $50
Two High Resolution Pictures, a written interview, contact info on TGR website & in print copy of the magazine.

Magazine Website Placement Package 1- $300
Single/Video/Mixtape placement on ten sites, full page written interview with two copies of the magazine shipped directly, single on TGR Mixtape hosted by TampaMystic & DJ Such N Such, and five days of social media promotion.

Magazine Website Placement Package 2- $400
Single/Video/Mixtape placement on 20 sites, full page written interview with two copies shipped directly, single placed on TGR Mixtape hosted by Tampa Mystic & DJ Such N Such, written interview posted on TGR, MysticsEnt, StraightOfficial & TalkOfTheStreets, TGR Priority Artist of the week, featured on the front page, and five days of social media promotion

The Grynd Report Mixtape Slots (Hosted by Tampa Mystic & DJ Such & Such) – $40

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