[Single Review] Ca$h Out ft Playboi Carti

download (1)Ca$h out is lighting up the streets with his new singles.  He made his presence on the music scene with his single “Ca$hin Out” in 2012 and though it seemed he may have fell off the music scene, I believe he was just filling his vault with more ammo to pump the streets with.  Within the past couple of months he has been dropping singles, with no anticipation or release of a mixtape or album coming soon.  The ferocity behind his music shows otherwise though.  

Playboi_Carti_In_Abundance-front-largeThe most recent single he has dropped is called “Hard To Breathe”.  Featured on the track is Awful Record’s Playboi Carti.  He brings the right contrast in tone and flow for the track to be a versatile record yet offer all of the aspects that people love about trap music.  Its clarity, a steady beat, meaningful adlibs and most importantly: BARS.  Produced by DJ Spins you already know this one that’s going to make the club go crazy, especially the real trappers.  Check out this single on their soundcloud.  

DJ’s don’t sleep on this record, He tells you in the hook:  We making it hard for niggas to breathe we making a killing!

Ca$h Out ft Playoi Carti “Hard To Breathe”

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