hollowgang – Birthday @hollowgang1

Heartbreak, bitterness and alcohol usually doesn’t mix well. For most of us, it leads to poorly phrased text messages, arguments and nights followed by regretful mornings. But somehow, when three particular young artists embraced their broken hearts in a afterparty-turned-studio-session a late night in April, something special happened. Despite the obvious rough edges, off-pitch performances and cracked voices in the initial demo — Bert, Sad Dragon & Inzo , known as hollowgang, quickly realized they … Continue reading

[Single] @MarboBeatz – Birthday

[Single] Marbo Beatz - Birthday

Via Marbo Beatz > I specifically and strategically created “Birthday” as an every event, everyday turn up anthem. Being from the deep south, and only one hour from Baton Rouge and 2 from New Orleans, I created the track at a typical 80 bpm that’s typical for Baton Rouge track, and specifically added the well known “Trigga Man Sample” widely used in New Orleans bounce music. To make it modern and acceptable for all regions, … Continue reading

#HappyBirthday Eazy E

#HappyBirthday Eazy E

With his dark sunglasses, jheri curls and high-pitched rapping style, Eazy-E became one of the defining figures of west coast hip-hop. He’s also one of hip-hop’s more sorely missed. The N.W.A legend born Eric Wright would’ve been 52 years old today.