New Music- “Franchise Player” Feat Neisha Neshae Oba Rowland @Kbondatrack

“Franchise Player” a song about being the man on your team! Being the guy everybody wants to be! Being a boss and the greatest!! Now available on iTunes,tidal,soundcloud,Apple Music and all other media sites Follow- KBONDATRACK Ig: Kbondatrack Twitter:Kbondatrack Snapchat:Kbondatrack Facebook: Kbondatrack

Lisa Raye Sit Talks Being A Boss, Tupac & More

Lisa Raye Sit Talks Being A Boss, Tupac & More

Lisa Raye sits down with Nessa at HOT 97 to talk about being a boss, shooting the ‘Toss It Up’ video with Tupac and her comments about getting Stacey Dash fired.

Dear King,

DEAR KING, First I’d like to say: thank you for earning your crown. It’s not easy nowadays to live in a way that deserves the adornment of royalty yet. You haven’t fallen victim to the influences of today’s society and have held your standards as high as your head, and for that we are grateful. Who are we you may ask… We are your queens. You may not see us as you scroll your timeline, … Continue reading