SEAMUS – POISE @champagneseamus

“POISE” is SEAMUS’ second release and will be the opening and title track to his debut mixtape of the same name. Taking influences as disparate as British Grime, Bill Murray and Office Space, SEAMUS gives us his manifesto as to why he left his career of memos and stale coffee, for a career hunting ghosts and flexing Belgian threads and British loafers. It’s a fun song that speaks to his wide, trans-Atlantic influences, being an … Continue reading

Yreva – Hidden Gems of Love @YrevaFlow

Yreva’s latest album, “Hidden Gems Of Love”, is a true art of love, self awareness, struggle, relationships and positivity. The sound is very refreshing and unique in its own interesting way. Micah Clarence Avery (other known aliases PlayaMic, Yung Thirst, McMicah, and currently, Yreva). Yreva and his flow stands for “You Receive Eternal Visions Abundantly For Love Over Wealth”. Yreva was born and raised in California. He grew up in Palmdale, where he made music … Continue reading

MillieSquad Shots Ft JB GMacc – What Yo Life Like @TooMillieShots

Millie Squad Shots teams up with fellow squad member JB GMacc to shoot an official video with Joey Trap for the Westcoast anthem, “What Yo Life Life”. Watch the San Diego, California duo’s collab flick here.

LOVEANDKEEF- Stages @loveandkeef

Loveandkeef is a San Francisco based Hip-Hop duo blending boom bap with modern trap/ Bay Area culture. Johnny Love (Ventura, CA) & Keefer (Santa Rosa, CA) use their complimentary styles with complex handoffs and finessed song writing. The SF based duo play off of each other by combining Keefer’s hard hitting flow with Johnny Love’s smooth lyrical approach. The balance of opposites is the key to LoveandKeef’s style. “Stages” is the duo’s raw presentation of … Continue reading

LiL NACHi Ft Nessly – RD2 @lilxnachi

LiL NACHi is rising from relative obscurity. He’s cultivated a dedicated engaged audience just after releasing his first song just 3 months ago. Previewing collaborations on social media with Nessly & lilcobaine he is set to become one of the year’s highest profile artists, it would be ill-advised to ignore LiL NACHi’s potential star power. “RD2” is NACHi’s third single from his forthcoming debut project, “Fly Dolo”, dropping August 31st. It carries a guest feature … Continue reading

Carter Wilson – !!!!! @thacarterwilson

Carter Wilson’s debut masterwork “!!!!!” demonstrates how the cliched celebration of juvenile ignorance is carefully woven into an urgent, yet subtle, reflection of one’s personal and generational journey towards disillusionment. Thirteen minutes in and the listener encounters a voice sample reminding us that “when you live in an illusion, you remain in a state of perpetual infantilism, childishness. . . you never grow up!” This is the conceptual backdrop of the entire album; in fact, … Continue reading

Cr8tve La Biz – Hittin’ Now

Cr8tve La Biz releases his “Hittin’ Now” single that speaks about finding a vibe within a new way of thinking and ditching social forms and negativity. Cr8tve La Biz was born in Compton and raised in Inglewood, California. He started pursuing his career as an emcee/producer in his second year of high school. He decided this is what he wants out of life. Which is to tell people his story through lyrics. He chose to … Continue reading

Bados and love.wav – Cool Off

Producer love.wav and rapper Bados collaborate for a full length album titled “After Hours”, set to be released in the fall of 2018. “Cool Off” is the debut single from the project, supported by a music video directed and edited by Vicente Contreras. Keep an eye on both these San Diego natives in the coming times but for now, peep the video.

Madi Black Ft Joe Moses – Beat The Case @yaboymadib

Two of California’s smoothest rappers unite together for one common goal, to “Beat The Case”. JNB Visuals lend their talents to the mix by cooking up a slick lyric video for the release. Madi Black and Joe Moses cross examine the fraudulent foes, all the while doing so in a calm and collective flow. The flick is available for viewing on YouTube below.

gregNWMN – Forecast @gregnwmn

At the top of what’s looking to be a hot Summer, Riverside, California based recording artist gregNWMN has just dropped his long awaited visual, “Forecast”, the stand-out record originally released late 2017 Coupled with elements of rapidity, visual effects, & bold delivery, the “Forecast” music video takes multiple ques from the direction of the record itself. 10 seconds into the video you find yourself thrown into a combination of fluidity & chaos, which only continues … Continue reading