SnakkXD – Hikikomori @SnakkXD

SnakkXD is a hot new artist out of Perris,CA. He’s Bringing nothing but bangers to the Dead Rap genre. Really focusing on his real life struggles of depression and insecurities, Snakk tells his stories through an Anime viewer’s POV. His second official video for “Hikikomori” was directed by the one and only, MEERJ. He created the perfect visual with a deep dark atmosphere that directly compliments the sound. View the madness here.

AK Camino – Like This

AK Camino’s new single, “Like This”, features the vocalist crooning over bouncy percussion, driving synths and booming 808s. “Like This” is both a love ballad and braggadocious banger. AK Camino continues to blur the line between modern rap and R&B with the release. AK Camino is an alternative R&B group composed of singer/songwriter (Amil) and producer (Kevin/Kdub). The duo was formed in San Diego, where they began making music in a tiny apartment while still … Continue reading

Nicoteen Ninyo – Bad Things

Nicoteen Ninyo is a 19 year old up and coming artist based out of Los Angeles, California. He started producing and writing his own songs, 6 months ago, inspired after feeling lost by issues going on in his life. Being raised in a family where music was their foundation, he found comfort in this. Writing music based on how he was feeling and what was going on inside of his head was his therapeutic approach … Continue reading

SAL – Moonwalk

Bay Area located artist SAL hopes onto a spiritually fueled type beat that’ll beam your ears out of the stratosphere. Entitled “Moonwalk”, SAL’s cleverly delivered flow will certainly get your mental beamed up. Catch the full song on Soundcloud.

Bambitho ft Hardini- Breep On Em @Bambitho_KM

“Breep On Em” is the booming single from San Diego duo, Bambitho and Hardini. The song also features production from Jay Izm and can be found on Bambitho’s EP, “Zeus Bannon” Bambitho is solely motivated in the music industry to bring his family out of poverty. Being homeless as a child has resonated very deeply inside him. Bam will always find a way to make things work, you can hear his work ethic and dedication … Continue reading

[Video] Bebo Backwoods – Fuego @bebobackwoods

“Fuego” is Bebo Backwoods’ premiere music video shot in the Palm Desert, California. Directed by Charlie Ehrman, the music video explores Bebo’s inner-self as he wanders a ghost town in the middle of sandy isolation. Bebo Backwoods is an artist from Long Island, New York and offers a style & sound that is filled to the brim with cutthroat bars & memorable bars, you will quickly be able to tell that he prides himself on … Continue reading

[Video] ItsLilKJ – UP @ItsLilKJ

ItsLilKJ drops of his new single with an exclusive video to “UP”. The outstanding party banger that will have your head nodding within the first 30 seconds of the song with the up tempo beat produced by Boofwell and the very catchy hook by ItsLilKJ. View the flick here. ItsLilKJ Is a California native born In Corona, & raised in Fontana & Riverside California. The 20 year old artist has an outstanding energy out of … Continue reading

[Single] mechsicko – showing love (no more) @mechsicko

“showing love (no more)” is the first single from California newcomer mechsicko’s debut project, “Cien”. This song is entirely written, produced, performed, recorded and mixed by mechsicko. This song is mech basically being done with trying to show love to the people from his home town. You always gotta show love but eventually, it runs out. mechsicko is a 25 yr old producer/ song-writer from Seaside, Ca. (currently living in Long Beach, Ca.) He started … Continue reading

[EP] After Hours – After Hours EP @whoafterhours

After Hours is an art collective from Los Angeles finding time within their 9 to 5s to pursue passions and do what they love. Comprising of just three members (Lio, Yoso and Pablo Tonez), they bring a unique perspective, energy and styles that all contribute to their visceral and enigmatic sound. Press play and indulge in their 7 track EP simply titled, “After Hours”. Stream in full via Soundcloud.

[Video] $atoshi – Sucker For Love @ge_records

$atoshi is the pseudonym and vision of Brandon Freeman, a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Fresno, CA. Call it hip-hop driven psychedelia. His latest visual creation comes to us in the form of the Otis Reed-directed flick for “Sucker In Love”. Fall into the trance of the Sahab production via YouTube.