[Video] Brooke Lanziner – Relapse | @brookelanziner

Brooke Lanziner’s “Relapse” is about still physically craving someone, after mentally accepting the fact that they aren’t good for you. The video is an expression of the artist’s emotion and musicality, through movement. Choreographed and performed by Brooke herself. Brooke Lanziner is an alternative folk/rock singer/songwriter living in Toronto, Ontario. She’s just released her second single and first music video, with many more songs and videos ahead! Originally from North Vancouver, British Columbia, she grew … Continue reading

rxmes – Don’t Walk Away @therealromester

rxmes (pronounced romes) is a Toronto native and LostInTheCity representative who just released a new, R&B fueled single entitled “Don’t Walk Away”, produced by Sebastianvmusic. rxmes started singing when he was 9 years old. Joining choir and competing in singing competitions, he was on and off with this gift he has as he grew older but music drew him back around the time he graduated high school. Realizing how in love he was with music … Continue reading

Blake, The Impaler and Darkeyes – Goyard (I Can’t Breath) @blaketheimpalrr

Blake, The Impaler and Darkeyes are a duo made up of two 19 year old Canadian recording artists. Throughout their upcoming career they’ve shown their appreciation for multiple genres by displaying tremendous versatility from the energetic hip hop single “Way Too Faded”, continuing their existential growth with the RNB influenced, “Restrain”. Their latest single, “Goyard”, showcases an agressive side to the duo that has yet too be displayed. The explosive hook from Blake, The Impaler … Continue reading

AllyxWay, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh – DEAD@AllyxWay @Tcthegxd @apt1208 @officialeprod

Toronto’s Allyxway, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh drop their collab track “Dead”, filmed and directed by EPROD. Tcthegxd born June 14, 1998, was born to two African immigrants residing in the west end of Toronto At the age of 14 he started to develop his taste of music after receiving a “rockband” gaming set for Christmas. After seeing this as a potential pursuit to start a music career, tcthegxd started writing rhymes on his iPhone 4 at … Continue reading

5treet – On My Mind

5treet’s new single, “On My Mind”, is set to make waves. When analyzing the lyrics of this track, 5treet speaks on his million dollar plan. Influenced by the unique new music coming from Soundcloud, 5treet’s new track is the perfect song to cruise around to, listen to with friends or play at a party. 5treet is a 20-year-old Canadian artist from Victoria, BC, who has managed to create quite a buzz. In 2016, he founded … Continue reading

[Single] TylerTheActivist – Dialtone

Tylertheactivist is a young and upcoming artist from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. He provides a melodic and flowing scheme with his music. He’s Looking to grow more of a global audience and receive show opportunities. His new tune, “Dialtone”, is a single expressing his feelings toward girls who get pleasure out of holding you back from your potential as stated in some of the song lyrics. zone out to Tyler’s latest via Soundcloud.

Ed Plank – 2015 @yo_plank

Ed Plank bitterly reminisces on recent events that have transpired in his life, painting a picture of the aftermath that follows over a dark, laid back, self-produced instrumental. Travel back to the year “2015” with Plank here. Ed Plank is a Canadian rapper & record producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Combining lo-fi, vibe heavy instrumentals with gritty, complex flows, Plank reveals details of his checkered past through his intricate rhymes and home cooked beats.

can boy – MPO @auntygoldilocks

Canadian rapper can boy hops on a dreamlike piano instrumental and immediately intoxicates our earlobes with the keg fueled, “MPO”. Beer bongs, bong rips and chilled vibes are on the menu as the Toronto artist goes all in to the point he may pass out. Listen to the single below.

Juic3Boy – Ordinary Boy @ThaKingJO6

Juic3Boy comes out with his first visual in his early career. “Ordinary Boy” is a wavey R&B single with different moods to it that can get you in your feelings, hyped up and vibing. Juic3Boy directs a well played out visual that perfectly matches this single. This story line is magnificent and portrays the heartaches in the love life of the artist. Watch this video to see this “Ordinary Boy” story unfold. Juic3Boy a unique … Continue reading

[VIdeo] JMON Ft QC & YT – Dough

JMON is a 19-year old artist out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. He started making beats when he was in grade ten and slowly transitioned into writing music and recording it. JMON has been recording music for less than a year and has already amassed 300K views on his soundcloud. This artist is quietly moving up and is redefining what the “west-coast rapper” is. Hopefully he can carry on the momentum and continue his success in … Continue reading