[Mixtape] Austin Poe – Inspiration Vol 1

[Mixtape] Austin Poe - Inspiration Vol 1

The motivation for the mixtape is to inspire & give a different vibe to the current climate of the music industry!  Showcasing dominant lyric ability & potent metaphors.  I want to showcase to people that lyrical talent with style & grace in the music industry is still here while doing it in my own unique way.  Reach for the top no matter the obstacles dropping gems all through out the tape.  A breath of fresh … Continue reading

[Mixtape] Jubee Kane – 6 Month Run

[Mixtape] Jubee Kane - 6 Month Run

Trap Monsta Ent release new mixtape “6 Month Run” from artist Jubee Kane featuring OG Bigga Rankin.  Mixtape includes features from Ralo, Money Man, and Nino Brown.  Go to Jubee Kane youtube chanel to watch new videos from hot singles from the mixtape. Stay tuned from more. Connect w/ Jubee Kane: Twitter: @jubee_kane Instagram: jubeekane

[Single] Phat Talk – My DJ

[Single] Phat Talk - My DJ

Speaker DJ Alert!! DJ Anthem by PHAT TALK titled “MY DJ” produced by BandPlay. DJ Feedback Requested & Appreciated. Connect w/ Phat Talk: Twitter: @phat_talk Instagram: phat_talk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhatTalk731 For Business Inquires: wcarter731@gmail.com

[Single] @SIMPLYEMMII Wanna Love You ( Wine1Time​)

[Single] @SIMPLYEMMII Wanna Love You ( Wine1Time​)

Upcoming female artist out of Harlem,  New York by the name Emkasia also known as Emmii drops New Single “Wanna Love You” (Wine1Time).  While she continues to work on her upcoming EP. Get familiar with her and sound!! This song is getting a lot of great feedback. Connect w/ Emmii ​IG : SIMPLYEMMII TWITTER: SIMPLYEMMII Booking Email: Simplyemmii6@gmail.com​

[Single] Loji-Luciano – I’m Tryna Turn Up

[Single] Loji-Luciano - I'm Tryna Turn Up

“Im tryna turn up is a party anthem with a sick bass line and catchy melodic hook thats sure to get the crowd moving. Contact w/ Loji-Luciano: Website: http://www.lojibaybee.com Twitter: @lojibaybee Instagram: lojibaybee Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lojibaybee CONTACT BOOKING INFO Eyekonic Ent CEO Julian Atallah  929-450-1275 or by email eyekonicentertainment@gmail.com

[Single] GUTTA SLIMM – Follow The Drip

[Single] GUTTA SLIMM - Follow The Drip

Introducing Gutta Slimm “Follow The Drip” Produced by Keygang. make sure to rate the song, drop a comment and share your feedback, thanks in advance for your support. FOR BOOKING 229-417-9248 Contact w/ Gutta Slimm: Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/guttaslimm1 Twitter: @guttaslimm1 Instagram: GUTTASLIMM

[Mixtape] YannaMaria – The Remix Tape

[Mixtape] YannaMaria - The Remix Tape

Austin Music Group Presents: YannaMaria “The Remix Tape” make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. Connect w/ YannaMaria: Twitter: @theyannamaria Instagram: theyannamaria Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YannaMaria-132420424023599

[Single] KiNg EmErY ft Bigga Rankin – Straight Out The MuDDD

[Single] KiNg EmErY ft Bigga Rankin - Straight Out The MuDDD

Money Maker Nation releases new single from artist King EmErY “Straight Out The Mudd” featuring OG Bigga Rankin. The hit is produced by Dee B and available via ITunes. Video is underway. Stay tune for more from King EmEry. Connect w/ KiNg EmErY: Twitter: @_KiNgEmErY Instagram: kingemerymmn Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/KiNgEmErYMMN Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/Kingemery19

[Single] Skyyborn – Look At Her

“Look At Her” is an uptempo club banger/female oriented song that the strip clubs, clubs, ladies, and guys can vibe to. Connect w/ Skyyborn: Website: http://www.isignmyself.online Twitter: @Skyyborn Instagram: skyy_born Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/skyy.born.9 Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/skyy_born

[Single] Moni Grindhard Montana – The Struggle

[Single] Moni Grindhard Montana - The Struggle

Anybody that has ever struggled in their life can identify with this track. Im just expressing my struggles and things that I’ve been through. The road isn’t always easy, you will go through “The Struggle”. Just remember the finish line and persevere. Connect w. Moni Grindhard Montana: Website: http://www.Monigrindhardmontana.com Twitter: @Moni_GH_Montana Instagram: Moni_Grindhard_Montana Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/monigrindhardmontana/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/Monighmontana