[Single] Okayche – See You @Theysayche

Okayche is an artist / producer from Cleveland, Ohio born on September 18, 1996. He started producing when he was 10 back in 2006 at his grandparents house and rapping and singing when he was 14 in 2010 on his school provided Macbook. Inspired by the individuality and versatility of multi talented artists like Kanye West, Childish Gambino and Tyler The Creator, he saw his chance and decided to start taking music more seriously and … Continue reading

[Single] Young Troubled Minds Ft Curly Chuck – “People Watch” | @ytm216

Young Troubled Minds’ new single “People Watch” serves as a high energy record for the people; a collaboration between the YTM and fellow Cleveland artist, Curly Chuck Writing, recording, producing and mixing all of their own music; Cleveland’s Young Troubled Minds are in full control of their sound. The group started in 2011 as a duo formed by brothers Pro and Ayu and expanded with the addition of turntablist DJ Dirte in 2015. In 2013, … Continue reading

[NFL] Seth DeValve Kneels During Anthem

[NFL] Seth DeValve Kneels During Anthem

That being said, none of the aforementioned white players protested themselves. But that changed last night during Monday Night Football preseason action between the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns. Upwards of 12 Browns players knelt in a circle and prayed, while others stood with them in silent protest during the national anthem before the game. One of those players kneeling was the Browns’ white tight end, Seth DeValve, who explained his stance after the … Continue reading