[Single] Eldorado Red – One Day

[Single] Eldorado Red - One Day

2713 Ent. presents Eldorado Red. “One Day” make sure to follow the movement and support the campaign. Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/elchaporado/

[Mixtape] Eldorado Red – #LoveXLoyalty

[Mixtape] Eldorado Red - #LoveXLoyalty

El Jefe is HOME!!!! Eldorado Red not too long ago was sitting in a cell sentenced to 25 years after losing his case. For many this would have been the end, yet Eldorado never thought that he would stay in that cell because although the judge sentenced him, God always has the last say and Eldorado kept his faith strong. Eldorado states “I stayed prayed up and knew I’d be home sooner or later, thank … Continue reading

[Single] Eldorado Red – Blessing

[Single] Eldorado Red - Blessing

#2713 Presents Eldorado Red “Blessing” Produced by Dj Plugg Contact w/ Eldorado Red: Twitter: @bgmeldorado Instagram: elchaporado

[Single] Eldorado Red “Lied To Me”

[Single] Eldorado Red "Lied To Me"

#2713 Presents Eldorado Red “Lied To Me” Produced by WillAFool http://www.instagram.com/elchaporado

[Single] Alley Boy & Eldorado Red ‘Truth Be Told’

[Single] Alley Boy & Eldorado Red 'Truth Be Told'

#2713 x #Infinity present Alley Boy & Eldorado Red “Truth Be Told” Produced by GoldmindSmith.