[Mixtape] @SuspensJr ‘Youngest in Charge’

[Mixtape] @SuspensJr 'Youngest in Charge'

“Youngest In Charge” is a collection of Suspens Jr’s best musical pieces. This is the young artist first official project since his debut album “Thirteen” [January 13th 2017] and fills the gap between that project and his second studio album (title has not yet been release to the public) which is scheduled to be release January 13th 2019. Purchase Mixtape via iTunes HERE Connect w/ Suspens: Twitter: https://twitter.com/suspensjr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suspensjr/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suspensjr Booking: info@SuspensRecording.com

[Single] Este – Priiicetag

Este’s heavily distorted, bass driven song resembles exactly what Florida rap sounds like in it’s current state. The rapper adds in a sharp twist of lyricism and a catchy hook, taking the adrenaline level to the extreme. Entitled “Priicetag”, the song goes into great detail about what people will do to acquire the latest trends because of materialism and living in a superficial world. Este was raised in South Florida but later on moved to … Continue reading

Take1ne – One Hundred @take1neofficial

Take1ne is a rising artist from Miami, Florida. Born in September of 94 to Haitian parents, Take1ne grew up listening to a wide variety of music from artist like 2pac, Outkast and Eminem to RNB artists like Tyrese. After being kicked out at 17 for getting in trouble, he moved to Miami where he lived with his aunt and started networking with local artists. Motivated and fueled by his upbringing, Take1ne decided to use his … Continue reading

JG – Love? @IAmJGForReal

“Love?” is a wavy, introspective tune in which JG takes us on a journey through his personal love life. Produced by Taylor King & Zero Beatz and directed By Moji Wilson. A product of Tampa, Florida, JG started the pursuit of his rap career in 2010, during his senior year of high school. Born Joshua Geiger (JG), his rap influences include the likes of: J Cole, Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Drake. At a young … Continue reading

Twin Gaaang – Make A Movie @Therealdredhead

Twin Gaaang is comprised of two artist, Iraq and DredHead from Pensacola, Florida. From beating on the tables, free styling and rapping to now gaining notary and being recognized in the streets, they are making quite the impac in the world of HipHop & R&B. Shaping there sound like no other to what they call “Feel Good Music, Everybody know in the FLA when Twin Gaaang release a project, it’s always music to remember. Their … Continue reading

John Pearl Ft Enoch Da Prophet – Always @johnpearlcc

John Pearl is a versatile artist originating from Jacksonville, Fl. He brings a different aura to his music with melodic hooks and lyrical but trendy verses. John Pearl’s music is influenced by his love for other art crafts such as fashion, photography, and designing. His style and versatility sets him apart from the rest. “Always” is a bumping track with a melodious beat that creates a dope mood and vibe for the listener. The chorus … Continue reading

Lani – Trippen @Lanidagreat4

19 year old artist Lani hails from the West Orlando region and is making a return after a year off. He returns back with his smooth flow melody over uptempo beats. Lani marks his return with the release of the ShotByLD directed flick, “Trippen”. He lets everyone know that no matter the circumstances, he’s not tripping over anything in the least bit. Zone out to the video below.

Mono – No Options @Money_Mono

Broward County rapper Mono is here with his latest visual, “No Options”, produced by IceStarr. Mono shows what it’s like to have no options by grinding to take care of his family while taking penitentiary chances. While making moves Mono gets caught up in a situation where police lock him up and his friend gets away after making a play. Mono was born in Cali, Colombia but moved to Broward County, Florida at the age … Continue reading

Jonny August – Puzzled @JonnyAugust_

Jonny August releases his debut single “Puzzled” with a message to inspire everyone to be themselves when the pressure all around them is leaving you literally puzzled. Backed by emotionally filled cadences and the bass knocking sound South Florida has always been known for produced by YuckyPoor, Jonny August’s avant-garde style sound and delivery is something to be on the look out coming out of Miami.

PG – Kill Kill Kill @mfknPG

“Kill Kill Kill” is the first single off of PG’s upcoming mixtape, “Name A Better Rapper 2.5”. The song is a venomous onslaught of punchlines and witty bars over a slapping boom bap production by Jake One. ​Royalty does not exactly mean having just royal blood. Anyone can be royalty – as long as you’ve got regal dreams. PG is one such royalty. Born in 1990 in Orlando, Florida, PG was raised by a single … Continue reading