[Video] Bebo Backwoods – Fuego @bebobackwoods

“Fuego” is Bebo Backwoods’ premiere music video shot in the Palm Desert, California. Directed by Charlie Ehrman, the music video explores Bebo’s inner-self as he wanders a ghost town in the middle of sandy isolation. Bebo Backwoods is an artist from Long Island, New York and offers a style & sound that is filled to the brim with cutthroat bars & memorable bars, you will quickly be able to tell that he prides himself on … Continue reading

Kick5000 – Fuego @kick5000

Carol City rapper Kick5000 sparks it up intensely on the hot new single, “Fuego”. When asked about the song, Kick had this to say. “The song is me feeling like the hottest in the game. The beat is Scottie Pippen to my Michael Jordan approach with the uptempo melody and cadence I am rhyming in. I want the listener to expect wavering lyrics and synonyms attacking the beat with relentless metaphors that are relatable to … Continue reading

[Mixtape] Fuego – Uncounted

Pilot Team Entertainment is a team that consists of all bosses, no co-pilots and with their mindset they knew they had to get the streets A&R, Bigga Rankin to host ‘Uncounted.’ Team Bigga Rankin happily joined the efforts and we proudly present to you Benzo, an artist that doesn’t use paper or pen, he just gets in the booth and transforms into Fuego with his first WRNR mixtape. Press Play and Support.