Kevin Gates Back in Jail on Day He Was Supposed to Get Out

Kevin Gates Offered Plea Deal

Today, rapper Kevin Gates completed his sentence for kicking a woman at a concert in 2015 and was scheduled to be released from jail. But as Gates was being processed out of jail, authorities discovered an outstanding weapons-related warrant. Gates was re-arrested and led back inside the jail. SOURCE: VLADTV

Judge Denies ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense for Kevin Gates

Judge Denies 'Stand Your Ground' Defense for Kevin Gates

LAKELAND — A judge on Thursday rejected a motion by rapper Kevin Gates that a misdemeanor battery charge against him be dismissed. Lawyers for Gates argued last week that the charge against him for kicking a fan at a club in Lakeland during a performance should be dropped based on Florida’s “stand your ground” law. But County Judge Sharon Franklin wrote that Gates’ kick was not a justified action in response to Miranda Dixon grabbing his … Continue reading