SEAMUS – POISE @champagneseamus

“POISE” is SEAMUS’ second release and will be the opening and title track to his debut mixtape of the same name. Taking influences as disparate as British Grime, Bill Murray and Office Space, SEAMUS gives us his manifesto as to why he left his career of memos and stale coffee, for a career hunting ghosts and flexing Belgian threads and British loafers. It’s a fun song that speaks to his wide, trans-Atlantic influences, being an … Continue reading

Ezra Waters – Je Ne Sais @ezra_waters_

“Je Ne Sais” is a soulful, upbeat track featuring lush melodies and honest lyricism from Ezra Waters. The song paints a vignette of memories from growing up in the south, and is the first track off his self-produced EP, “February”. Ezra Waters is an artist and producer hailing from Alabama currently residing in Brooklyn. His sound mixes a blend of soul, trap and R&B into a unique production style. He’s also member of the creative … Continue reading

Lil Sleep The Sandman – Inshallah @lilsleeep

Samuel Spaller, otherwise known as Lil Sleep The Sandman, is a proud freestyle rapper and US Army veteran from Jefferson City, Missouri. Samuel’s stage name is actually quite calculated. Lil Sleep was not something chose on a whim. With that being said, “Lil Sleep” was generated from the ending of his military career. Samuel was diagnosed with Narcolepsy- a rare sleep disorder, and honorably exited the Army due to the development of his condition. And … Continue reading

Yreva – Hidden Gems of Love @YrevaFlow

Yreva’s latest album, “Hidden Gems Of Love”, is a true art of love, self awareness, struggle, relationships and positivity. The sound is very refreshing and unique in its own interesting way. Micah Clarence Avery (other known aliases PlayaMic, Yung Thirst, McMicah, and currently, Yreva). Yreva and his flow stands for “You Receive Eternal Visions Abundantly For Love Over Wealth”. Yreva was born and raised in California. He grew up in Palmdale, where he made music … Continue reading

mUsa – Capital U @king_mansa_mUsa

“Capital U” is mUsa’s debut album, a revolutionary, new-wave trap project that delivers his finest work in a concise, 12 track debut. mUsa is a first-generation Pakistani immigrant artist/rapper/producer based in New Jersey. His background as a Muslim shines in his music, which allows him to bring a unique perspective that no other artists are currently bringing in today’s music. Lyrically his music differentiates himself from his contemporary as he rarely mentions material items such … Continue reading

Peace Ft JaqKel – Getting Over It @JustWarrenPeace

The JaqKel featured “Getting Over It” is a story about Peace letting go of the pain of a broken relationship with his significant other. However, getting Over those feelings is a lot harder to do than say. Since the age of 17, Peace has been creating music with all the emotion in his heart. He creates stories in from his love for others and the depression that he suffers from. Specializing in R&B and Hip … Continue reading

LOVEANDKEEF- Stages @loveandkeef

Loveandkeef is a San Francisco based Hip-Hop duo blending boom bap with modern trap/ Bay Area culture. Johnny Love (Ventura, CA) & Keefer (Santa Rosa, CA) use their complimentary styles with complex handoffs and finessed song writing. The SF based duo play off of each other by combining Keefer’s hard hitting flow with Johnny Love’s smooth lyrical approach. The balance of opposites is the key to LoveandKeef’s style. “Stages” is the duo’s raw presentation of … Continue reading

Yojoshjones – Shine My Light @yojoshjones

Yojoshjones video, “Shine My Light”, is the first single off “Knowledge & Ignorance” but sis song two in the story line of the album. This project goes along with the theme of Josh’s life story of hope and change. The beginning of world change comes from the mind, stemming from evolving the education system to help push ourselves toward a better world. Each song spotlighting a part of Josh’s most inner conscience, which ironically went … Continue reading

Stewwie – Motel 6 @keshaunrose

Stewwie is an artist from Seattle, Washington. Growing up as a Family Guy fan, he adopted the name Stewwie because he always felt like Stewie Griffin. A character who is different, young with an old mind and above all; an outright rebel. Stewwie has been a prolific writer since elementary but started recording professional tracks in 2017. With many influences from artist like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Mozzy, Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle and more, Stewwie’s … Continue reading

Uncle Nephew Ft Mariana the Great – A Good Man @OGUncleNephew

Minnesota based artist Uncle Nephew debuts a riveting visual for “A Good Man”, a tribute song dedicated to Philip Borer Nelson aka Steady Ready. Vocalist Mariana the Great utilizes her powerful voice to further the emotional level as Uncle painfully recounts the day that Phillip left this world due to gun violence. News clips and still images are edited in, letting the world know that Steady Ready was “A Good Man”. Grab a tissue before … Continue reading