E.C.D. – Woke Up in the Middle East

“Woke Up in the Middle East” is an ode to solving conflict, both internal and external. It is about the balance of being righteous, while also living on the edge. E.C.D.’s bars and flows are unique with hard hitting middle eastern influenced production by production group, Crackaz Wit Cheeze (E.C.D., Giuseppe & Young Chuck). The music video was shot by up and coming filmmakers Damien Blue and Cody LaPlant. Ethan Clark-Davis, whose musical pseudonym is … Continue reading

Sommy Lovell – You’re Crazy @sommylovell_

“You’re Crazy” is Sommy Lovell’s newest single since the release of “Et Cetera” in late January. Produced and engineered by himself, it chronicles a turbulent relationship and its effects on the individuals involved. The accompanying music video also provides a tumultuous, yet comical illustration. Sommy Lovell is a 24 year old Staten Island, New York based Artist, Producer, and Engineer. His public work spans back to 2012, in which he has since accumulated blog placement … Continue reading

Vashy – Mumble Rap @vashytherapper

Vashy shatters the concept behind “Mumble Rap”, spitting intricate lyrics with a dumb-downed chorus all over a Fil Jackson production. Defining Vashy’s rap style is a challenge in itself. It’s far from mumble rap, but impossible to bill as conscious. His intricate word play fuses politics, geography, and basketball references into a deconstructed frenzy of puns. Vashy’s upgraded Alternative Rap is complimented with the rattling trap meets old school production style of Fil Jackson. “For … Continue reading

Chuck Acid Ft Eli Capella and MC Knowledge – Something Strange @chuck_acid

Chuck Acid, Eli Capella and MC Knowledge combine forces to deliver the video behind “Something Strange”. This is more than a song, it’s a story. These three Philly artists trade bars over a classic soul beat describing life and music through their own eyes. Reginald Nwakanma Jr. known as Chuck Acid is from Philadelphia. Chuck is not only a producer and engineer, but an amazing lyricist as well. Currently residing in the East Oak Lane … Continue reading

Prentice – And Another One @Prentice302

Prentice channels his inner Notorious B.I.G. for his new song “And Another One” which was the late rapper’s famous ad-lib. With a short hook, it’s mainly bars accompanied by a sample that makes it seem like he’s preaching to the choir courtesy of producer, JP Killed It. A sudden career change in 2009 led Prentice from dropping out of college to pursuing his passion for music. After a financial struggle and fighting to establish himself … Continue reading

Christo Sparkkzz – A New Life @CSparkkzz

Brazy Filmz lends his lens talents to Houston, Texas artist Christo Sparkkzz’ latest release, “A New Life”. Having experienced his own trials and tribulations growing up, Christo offers up hope thru the single, letting listeners know it’s never too late to start over and live “A New Life”. The video can be viewed below.

Kami Loves AO – White Album @kamilovesao

Kami Loves AO is the solo project of the Atlanta based multi-instrumentalist Ashanti Jabri. An artist/producer/composer/audio engineer; Kami Loves AO focuses on concept albums, drawing from Hip-Hop, jazz, synth pop, and Alternative Rock inspirations. Fusing these influences, he released his first EP in 2018 “White Album 2”, which, according to him, is “a testimony to the memories we all wish we could forget, yet make us who we are”. His music embodies the themes of … Continue reading

Twenty8 – Luci @DecemberTwenty8 @yourboydirty

Twenty8 links with Diry Productions to create visuals for his unreleased track, “Luci”. The video portrays a dark twist on what love will make you do all while Twenty8’s raps over a hypnotic beat filled with a masterfully sang chorus. One behind a mic, the other behind a camera. 2 different perspectives with 1 common love. Music. Twenty8 from Cleveland, Ohio pulled his inspiration from artist Nas at a young age. The reason he started … Continue reading

SAL – Moonwalk

Bay Area located artist SAL hopes onto a spiritually fueled type beat that’ll beam your ears out of the stratosphere. Entitled “Moonwalk”, SAL’s cleverly delivered flow will certainly get your mental beamed up. Catch the full song on Soundcloud.

PG – Kill Kill Kill @mfknPG

“Kill Kill Kill” is the first single off of PG’s upcoming mixtape, “Name A Better Rapper 2.5”. The song is a venomous onslaught of punchlines and witty bars over a slapping boom bap production by Jake One. ​Royalty does not exactly mean having just royal blood. Anyone can be royalty – as long as you’ve got regal dreams. PG is one such royalty. Born in 1990 in Orlando, Florida, PG was raised by a single … Continue reading