“Rear View” is an up tempo club/strip club/trap record with a catchy hook and beat. This record has a big sound and has the potential to be a big hit. Connect w/ Durt Boi: Website: http://www.DurtyBoiMusic.com Twitter: @officialdurtboi Instagram: officialdurtboi Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialdurtboi Youtube Url: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mixareno


Who Dat is an up tempo party anthem that’s universally a song for the ladies as well as the males. The braggioso nature of the song and chanty hook will easily capture any listener. CONTACT BOOKING INFO misscheebooking@gmail.com (470) 455-5979 Lad Connect w/ Miss Chee: TWITTER URL: @MissCheeMusic INSTAGRAM URL: @MissCheeMusic FACEBOOK URL: @Miss Chee Music YOUTUBE URL:Miss Chee Music

[Single] Lebo Soprano – Party

[Single] Lebo Soprano - Party

Via Lebo Soprano > Party is one of my most versatile records. When I heard the beat, I instantly got to humming melodies and that’s where the adlibs in the hook comes from. I just rode the beat as I let it guide me. I never write any of my raps down because I believe it takes away from actually capturing the moment. Connect w/ Lebo Soprano: Website: http://www.lebosoprano.bigcartel.com Twitter: @LeBo_Soprano Instagram: its_lebo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lebo-Soprano-171760339584687 … Continue reading

[Single] Forever Different Family – Flick Me Up

[Single] Forever Different Family - Flick Me Up

Flick Me Up came about due to instagram. Most men and women when going out to Club/Party etc ask for his or her Instagram and watch it do numbers. (Numbers) mean the most LIKES, VIEWS, SHARES, and we as FDF: BOP FLEXMASON SKEENO Took that picture too be taken. To put on and made it into a banger FLICK ME UP is fun with Strong Energy for the kids and adult.and made it into a … Continue reading

[Single] Marshon – I Need to Know

[Single] Marshon - I Need to Know

I Need to Know is a Song about a man wanting to know the deal between him and a girl. Is it just fun, or are they together? Connect w/ Marshon: Twitter: @mmw4life Instagram: marshonmusic Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/marshon.williams.9

[Single] Country Boyz ft. Boosie – Draco

[Single] Country Boyz ft. Boosie - Draco

Draco Is a song we created to give the audience a feel about our lifestyles from the bottom, and to grind and love what you do. We Got it out the mud and got boosie badazz on the song. He was one who we feel like we relate to the most and made us feel like we needed to give the streets our story. Which is why we named the mixtape Money Make Em Hate. Connect … Continue reading

[Single] Q’Balla – Serve ft Starlito

[Single] Q'Balla - Serve ft Starlito

Q’Balla’s hot single “Serve” is yet another one of my many stylish and catchy songs. Serve talks about the street life of Louisville KY & also gives a vivid picture/ description of what’s going on. He also thought that it would be a good idea to collab with rap artist Starlito on this record, it contains a lot of energy intertwined with a new swagger that has never been heard before. Connect w/ Q’Balla: Twitter: … Continue reading

[Single] LacMan – Rubberbands & Dufflebags

[Single] LacMan - Rubberbands & Dufflebags

Basically I had been grinding all week then I got a phone call from my granny something ahowed up unexpectedly and i moved around a lil bit ended with a lot of extra cash and all that was running thru my mind was Rubberbands and Dufflebags. Connect w/ LacMan: Website: Lacman615.hearnow.com Twitter: @LacMan615 Instagram: LacMan615

[Video] Q’Balla ‘Soft As Cotton’

[Video] Q'Balla 'Soft As Cotton'

Soft as cotton is one of the hottest, sexist trendsetting strip club anthems going! While listening to it you can’t help but get a vibrant, erotic and imaginative feel to it. Instagram: young_g_smokingog Facebook: Que Balla

[Single] SUPAMANE 1000 – Money Go Getta

[Single] SUPAMANE 1000 - Money Go Getta

This is a money motivated track for the women that work hard and know how they get it that’s why I called them money go gettas. CONTACT BOOKING INFO supamane100@gmail@gmail.com or 6624367156 or 6625429 Connect w/ Supamane 1000: Twitter: @supamane100_ Instagram: supamane1000