[Single] Lebo Soprano – Party

[Single] Lebo Soprano - Party

Via Lebo Soprano > Party is one of my most versatile records. When I heard the beat, I instantly got to humming melodies and that’s where the adlibs in the hook comes from. I just rode the beat as I let it guide me. I never write any of my raps down because I believe it takes away from actually capturing the moment. Connect w/ Lebo Soprano: Website: http://www.lebosoprano.bigcartel.com Twitter: @LeBo_Soprano Instagram: its_lebo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lebo-Soprano-171760339584687 … Continue reading

[Single] Lebo Soprano – WHAT I WANNA + Video

Money 1st Records presents new music by Lebo Soprano titled “WHAT I WANNA” produced by @MrStadiumMusic Connect w/ Lebo: Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/LeBo_Soprano Instagram http://www.Instagram.com/its_lebo Facebook http://facebook.com/LeboSoprano