AK Camino – Like This

AK Camino’s new single, “Like This”, features the vocalist crooning over bouncy percussion, driving synths and booming 808s. “Like This” is both a love ballad and braggadocious banger. AK Camino continues to blur the line between modern rap and R&B with the release. AK Camino is an alternative R&B group composed of singer/songwriter (Amil) and producer (Kevin/Kdub). The duo was formed in San Diego, where they began making music in a tiny apartment while still … Continue reading

[SINGLE] YBK “Like This”

[SINGLE] YBK "Like This"

YaBoyK-WoN(YBK) Like This Prod by: BeatBoyz(@beatboyzsquad) This Track Right Here is One of those fun records, you know some you can stunt to when you pull up on the scene or whenever you just trying to have a good time. The Concept of it is Just showing people how you do things. Like this person may do it like this and this other person may do it like that. Just Basically showing people how you … Continue reading