Tru Barz and BaconBeats – X’s @TRUBARZ

The BaconBeats produced “X’s” is a song that Tru Barz took all of his anger and frustration out on. “I took it out on my exes because they are no longer in my life and at the time, I just really needed to poor my emotion out on the mic. So yes, I took it out on people I don’t like anymore. The Brooklyn, New York native is not only an artist but he is … Continue reading

[Artist Spotlight] @itsVain ‘U Need Luv’

[Featured Artist] @itsVain 'U Need Luv'

Check out this NEW VAIN track, “U Need Luv,” which follows up his smash hit,”Break Up 2 Make Up,” with Love & Hip Hop NY Star and R and B Diva Lil Mo. “ U Need Luv” is a spin off of the Classic LLCoolJ Jam, “I Need Love.” Vain who also hails from Queens, NY keeps it Very Sexy as he puts his own lyrical twist on this classic Slow Jam!! If your sexy and you know … Continue reading

urfav – ghosted @urfavexperiment

urfav is a 22-year-old artist based out of Long Island, New York. He experiments with different voices and styles in order to form his sound. When urfav isn’t making music, he directs, films and edits his own music videos. His new single, “ghosted”, is about how life is extremely short, but in the end you have to do what makes you the happiest. urfav expresses signs of hopelessness while concluding that no matter what, you … Continue reading

NEWD4Y – Vans @OfficialNewd4y

With their latest hip-hop anthem, “Vans”, NEWD4Y takes you on a lyrical walk down a road where anyone can feel part of something bigger than themselves. A true testament to freedom of expression, no matter one’s color, creed or sexual orientation; anyone from skateboarders to club-goers can rep “Vans” this summer, as long as they’re doing things their own way. Between today’s hit music and tomorrows one hit wonders, NEWD4Y illuminates across a vast pool … Continue reading

14 trapdoors – Swerve Skrrt @14Trapdoors

The new single/video from 14 trapdoors “Swerve Skrrt”, this is the third of their monthly release series and offers up some clever camera work by the minds of S’likedat and The Media Music, Inc. 14 Trapdoors have created their own sub-genre of hip hop, one they’ve coined New Trap Boom Bap. The trio from Buffalo, New York featuring members bendyface, Shorty Moscato and WZA cull from a wide range of influences that span Aseop Rock, … Continue reading

HoffaOTR – Lights @hoffa_otr

HoffaOTR’s gives us a grainy yet wavy video for his anticipated single, “Lights”. The video starts off with Hoffa sitting on a couch with flashes of lights, streams and colors as it zooms out and he’s immediately warped into the wall. The song and video is a perfect rendition together and ties it all together. HoffaOTR is a 22 year old an artist from the Bronx but now resides in the 845 area. In his … Continue reading

[Single] @HaPhuongArtist ‘Memories of Love’

[Single] @HaPhuongArtist 'Memories of Love'

Ha Phuong, a petite dynamo with a huge heart and a big name in her native Vietnam, now a deeply entrenched New Yorker!!  An accomplished actress, singer, philanthropist and movie producer. She is more determined than ever to help make the world a better place, inspired by her not only her daughters but her childhood in Vietnam. Ha Phuong is one of three daughters in a musical family.  Ha Phuong discovered the power of using … Continue reading

[Video] TruSTony – The Devil’s Lettuce | @TrusTONY_

“The Devil’s Lettuce” from TruSTony summed up is a short film that expresses the frustration he felt with his “good job” and his relationship to the substance that helped him cope with that frustration. Directed by notable YouTuber TheAlmonteFilms, the video was shot all over the New York City area including Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City and finally Google’s YouTube Space in Manhattan. Born in the Town Of Kings (Kingston, Jamaica) but raised in Kings County, … Continue reading

T:ME Good / Same @isitagoodtime

After releasing 2 new singles within May and June, T:ME’s Soundcloud presence has caught attention by 687k listeners. His first 2 tracks “Good” and “Same” have reached mention from famous Instagram influencers and has reached 30k plays on Soundcloud on each track. T:ME is an emerging artist pushing the boundaries of music genres. The Brooklyn native delivers a blend of impressive vocals and raw, gritty verses over an eclectic soundscape, from tribal drums and 808’s … Continue reading

Hadji Gaviota – Ball & Chain @MalakaHadji

“Ball & Chain” is the first single from Hadji Gaviota’s upcoming album, “Captain”, due out this fall. The self-produced track has a melancholy, 80’s bounce to it with a catchy call-and-response (“I don’t really care!”) in the refrain. The video has the literal “ball” from “Ball & Chain” follow him through his day, with some scenic shots of Queens and Hadji’s fake band serving as a sort of Entourage meets the Wiggles crossover. Hadji Gaviota … Continue reading