[Single] Slim Billions – Slide Down @Slim_Billions

Slim Billions is from Phoenix, Arizona, and currently composing music independently. He is shocking the music industry and his fans with his unpredictable yet unique style. It can be said that he will soon be seen sharing space with the greatest hip hop and rap songs. His music has a different style with a west and southwest influence. For his latest edition, Slim ignites the spark within the party people with “Slide Down”. Doubling as … Continue reading

[Video] Domingo Payso – Tokyo @DomingoPayso

Domingo Payso is an aspiring artist from the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. However he now is currently residing live and direct in Tokyo. Domingo plans to fuse Japanese and American culture through Hip Hop. With that said, he immediately delivers a visual for the first single, “Tokyo”, off the upcoming “Yakisoba Boyz” mixtape planned to release this summer.

[Video] Shag Lok – Lok’ed Out | @1shaglok

Shag Lok is an upcoming artist from the south side of Phoenix, Arizona. He has been working hard to further his career in the rap game all while raising a family and dealing with some legal issues. His unique style and sound is what separates himself from other artists in his city. With his name beginning to catch ablaze, he debuts a DIRECTEDXROMAN directed video for his hype anthem, “Lok’ed Out”. Tune your eyes into … Continue reading

[Video] #Cameralord Presents Billionaire Black – “Trump” | @KorCapital


Billionaire Black lends his clout wave to the CaptainCrunch-produced “Trump” single, accompanied by riveting lens work from Kor Capital aka #Cameralord. The song is the lead off release from Kor’s “Cactus Cuts Vol 1”, an ongoing music series carried out by creative firm, Valley Club. With the project release, Kor taps Billionaire Black and East Phoenix rapper Bizzo to film their reminiscent fueled tune. With clever editing work from #Cameralord, the video takes on the … Continue reading