JxSTILL – Invisible @jxstill

JxSTILL is a singer/song-writer/drummer from Long Beach, California. He was raised in church and grew a deep interest in music at a young age, gravitating to the drums every chance he got. As he got older, he started utilizing his notebook, filling them with poems. His older brother Fred, close friend Keenu, and best friend DeVante showed him different music programs and JxSTILL ran with it. He dropped his first project in 2013 called “Internal … Continue reading

Milo – Deja Vu @MiloAmor_

Milo’s single “Déjà Vu” is a gratifying ballad with mid-tempo tendencies with a hint of Hip Hop. The video for this release takes refreshing responsibility and sheds light on the opioid epidemic. A fresh take on a love song written and produced by Milo himself, reminds his fans why they fell in love with him in the first place. The visuals are a sign-of-the-times for 2018 as the rise of the opioid epidemic is reaching … Continue reading

Juic3Boy – Ordinary Boy @ThaKingJO6

Juic3Boy comes out with his first visual in his early career. “Ordinary Boy” is a wavey R&B single with different moods to it that can get you in your feelings, hyped up and vibing. Juic3Boy directs a well played out visual that perfectly matches this single. This story line is magnificent and portrays the heartaches in the love life of the artist. Watch this video to see this “Ordinary Boy” story unfold. Juic3Boy a unique … Continue reading

Just Derek – I’m The Man @BlxJustDerek

Just Derek is the “I’m The Man” rapper whose motto is to “Make It Happen”. You can hear him talk about the dualities of his life from depression, near death experiences, and addiction to doing all the wrong things. The Bay Area native suffered a major injury that would change the trajectory of his life during his teen years, but found purpose in his tragic experience. Still affected by the pain, he finds joy by … Continue reading

[Video] tesh – soniye @HiteshBansal_

tesh is an artist from Sacramento, California. His past consist of constant change of sceneries as he was born and spent the first 10 years of his life in India and eventually moved to California. He has managed to learn English and eventually bloomed in to the the artist that he is today. He has always had a passion for creativity and for a art project in 6th grade he created a fake video camera … Continue reading

[Single] Cam Blake Dt Dru – Alone @cameronblake_

New Orleans rap freshman Cam Blake is joined by Dru for a young romance tale that finds Cam speaking about needing his space. With smooth production from Jammy Beats, the song takes on a somewhat sing-a-long style, especially thru the chorus part. If you take a liking to Blake, also make sure to check out his “No. 27” EP.

[Single] Barz da Lyricist – I Get It (I Got It) @barzdalyricist_

Barz da Lyricist is a rapper / singer from Newport News, Virginia. He is an artist that loves to bring vocals, vibes and personal style to his paticula style. Some of his influences are J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper and Logic. His latest release is the trance inducing, “I Get It (I Got It)”. Listen as he showcases both his signing and wordplay. The song is currently … Continue reading

[Single] Okayche – See You @Theysayche

Okayche is an artist / producer from Cleveland, Ohio born on September 18, 1996. He started producing when he was 10 back in 2006 at his grandparents house and rapping and singing when he was 14 in 2010 on his school provided Macbook. Inspired by the individuality and versatility of multi talented artists like Kanye West, Childish Gambino and Tyler The Creator, he saw his chance and decided to start taking music more seriously and … Continue reading

[Video] Cameron Dietz – Hill Valley | @YaBoiCamDeezy

Cameron Dietz is a singer, songwriter, and producer that is based out of South Florida. Often, but not limited to writing about heart break or relationships in general, Cam normally is no holds barred about letting out his emotions through lyrics and smooth, soul vocals on all of his own productions. His mellow tone mixed with catchy melodies and word play is the perfect combination of Pop and R&B. He has been featured in local, … Continue reading

[Single] Spinner SOS – Sipping On Something | @SpinnerSOS

Spinner SOS seeks out Bonneau, Y-Jae and T.O. for the alcoholic friendly, “Sipping On Something” Hear Chinedu Nchekwube sing, and his smooth afro musical touch will win your heart over instantly. He was born and raised in the southern part of Africa’s biggest entertainment hub, Nigeria. Better known by his stage name, Spinner SOS, Chinedu has written and produced several amazing songs in diverse genres of music. He is a songwriter, producer, singer and instrumentalist. … Continue reading