[Interview] Lil Fats – CEO of Coast 2 Coast LIVE

[Interview] Lil Fats - CEO of Coast 2 Coast LIVE

What is Coast 2 Coast Live? “Simply put; Coast 2 Coast Live is the Largest Artist Showcase In The World. We are a live version of American Idol for Hip Hop artists, where they perform in front of celebrity judges with a chance to win prizes. This year in 2017 the grand prize was $25,000 and next year in 2018 the grand prize is $50,000 for the top 1st place winner.” How many shows does … Continue reading

Snoop Dogg Brings Back DoggyStyle Records

Snoop Dogg Bringing Back DoggyStyle Records

Snoop Dogg is rebooting his record label. DoggyStyle Records has officially re-opened its doors and already has a marquee artist on its roster. The company, which started in 1995, came to fruition after Snoop’s success on his 1993 album, DoggyStyle. It has been 20 years since the label produced music but this year Snoop is planning to change that. Atlanta rapper Clay James is DoggyStyle Record’s newest signee and is breaking out with full force. … Continue reading