[Single] QuarterBoy Beezy ft Curt Mcgurt – Rubberbands

A Dopeboi Story after a week of hustling day after day night after night. And the whole pack gone and u counting up the profit With big stacks in rubberbands….. its trap music in its purest form its has great vibe to it And its a club banger it have all the right elements to be a hit recorded. Contact w/ QuarterBoy Beezy: Twitter: @QuarterboyB Instagram: quarterboy_beezy Contact: (318)503-9297  email : teambeezysick@gmail.com Booking Info:(318)372-7422  

[Single] LacMan – Rubberbands & Dufflebags

[Single] LacMan - Rubberbands & Dufflebags

Basically I had been grinding all week then I got a phone call from my granny something ahowed up unexpectedly and i moved around a lil bit ended with a lot of extra cash and all that was running thru my mind was Rubberbands and Dufflebags. Connect w/ LacMan: Website: Lacman615.hearnow.com Twitter: @LacMan615 Instagram: LacMan615