Bados and love.wav – Cool Off

Producer love.wav and rapper Bados collaborate for a full length album titled “After Hours”, set to be released in the fall of 2018. “Cool Off” is the debut single from the project, supported by a music video directed and edited by Vicente Contreras. Keep an eye on both these San Diego natives in the coming times but for now, peep the video.

AK Camino – Like This

AK Camino’s new single, “Like This”, features the vocalist crooning over bouncy percussion, driving synths and booming 808s. “Like This” is both a love ballad and braggadocious banger. AK Camino continues to blur the line between modern rap and R&B with the release. AK Camino is an alternative R&B group composed of singer/songwriter (Amil) and producer (Kevin/Kdub). The duo was formed in San Diego, where they began making music in a tiny apartment while still … Continue reading

Bambitho ft Hardini- Breep On Em @Bambitho_KM

“Breep On Em” is the booming single from San Diego duo, Bambitho and Hardini. The song also features production from Jay Izm and can be found on Bambitho’s EP, “Zeus Bannon” Bambitho is solely motivated in the music industry to bring his family out of poverty. Being homeless as a child has resonated very deeply inside him. Bam will always find a way to make things work, you can hear his work ethic and dedication … Continue reading

Former UFC Champion Kevin Randleman Dead

Former UFC champion Kevin Randleman passed away on Thursday (Feb. 11) after suffering with a bout of pneumonia. According to several reports, the 44-year-old died of heart failure after being admitted to a San Diego hospital earlier in the day.