Twin Gaaang – Make A Movie @Therealdredhead

Twin Gaaang is comprised of two artist, Iraq and DredHead from Pensacola, Florida. From beating on the tables, free styling and rapping to now gaining notary and being recognized in the streets, they are making quite the impac in the world of HipHop & R&B. Shaping there sound like no other to what they call “Feel Good Music, Everybody know in the FLA when Twin Gaaang release a project, it’s always music to remember. Their … Continue reading

Johnny5 Ft Abby Sarabia – Suppose 2 @abby_sarabia

Abby Sarabia is an artist fresh on the scene with “Suppose 2” being only her second release, following her single, “Flip The Script” that dropped in February of this year. 19 year old, Johnny5 has been hitting hard for a year straight since his first release on “OTM Freestyle” which raked up over half a million views on youtube. Both artist are from Toledo, Ohio and plan on releasing their individual and potentially a collaborative … Continue reading

John Pearl Ft Enoch Da Prophet – Always @johnpearlcc

John Pearl is a versatile artist originating from Jacksonville, Fl. He brings a different aura to his music with melodic hooks and lyrical but trendy verses. John Pearl’s music is influenced by his love for other art crafts such as fashion, photography, and designing. His style and versatility sets him apart from the rest. “Always” is a bumping track with a melodious beat that creates a dope mood and vibe for the listener. The chorus … Continue reading

Kiki Brookes – OK COOL @lilkikiB

Kiki Brookes is a talented MC hailing from Seattle. As an MC, his style draws from the likes of new wave artists like Playboi Carti and NAV as well as lyrical giants such as J. Cole and Logic. Just this year, Kiki has dropped a slew of singles with more music to come very soon and a full length project coming later this year. This is the video for “OK COOL”, Kiki’s newest single. The … Continue reading

Young Mahd – They Mad @young_mahd

“They Mad” from Young Mahd is a very catchy melodic record. The content is mainly based upon a love type of vibe. The catchiness makes it an automatic sing along and the words are very relatable to people with a love interest/significant other. The song is uptempo a bit and can engage a party/crowd. The video, which was shot by Brann, consists of colorful effects and edits along with Young Mahd performing and vibing out … Continue reading

[Video] @itsKaMillion ft. @DuvyHuncho “Florida Lit”

[Video] @itsKaMillion ft. @DuvyHuncho "Florida Lit"

KaMillion is back! With the hottest single of the summer guaranteed to be Florida’s summer anthem!! Featured on the single and video is Jacksonville’s Lil Duvy. Produced by the extraordinary MGeezy also from Duval. This is a track guaranteed to takeover the airwaves, streaming beaches, parties and DJ booths all over Florida and beyond!!  DUVAL stand up!! It’s your summer!!   Find the single on apple music, spotify, & google play today!!! Follow @itsKaMillion @DuvyHuncho and … Continue reading

Sprat and Freak – Das My Dog @SpratSoWhat @MGFilms_

North Carolina artist Sprat (The Pizza N*gga) passes out slices of sauce in this Marcel Gibson Film featuring Freak. Meet Sprat, the new hip-hop star coming from the small town of Reidsville, North Carolina. While coming from a small area this North Carolina rapper is ready to show that it doesn’t matter where you are from as long as the music is great. Sprat, was always a huge fan of rap and cites Lil Wayne, … Continue reading

ZYLER OE – balmain @Zyler_oe

Rising rap artist ZYLER OE presents the super trippy video behind his single, “balmain”. His style is unique, something he classifies as ‘trvppygolvcky’. His posse is ‘$tu*17oo®️’ and the video is something that is better seen than explained. Zone out to “balmain” on YouTube.

AllyxWay, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh – DEAD@AllyxWay @Tcthegxd @apt1208 @officialeprod

Toronto’s Allyxway, TCTHEGXD and ShaunSmithh drop their collab track “Dead”, filmed and directed by EPROD. Tcthegxd born June 14, 1998, was born to two African immigrants residing in the west end of Toronto At the age of 14 he started to develop his taste of music after receiving a “rockband” gaming set for Christmas. After seeing this as a potential pursuit to start a music career, tcthegxd started writing rhymes on his iPhone 4 at … Continue reading

Lani – Trippen @Lanidagreat4

19 year old artist Lani hails from the West Orlando region and is making a return after a year off. He returns back with his smooth flow melody over uptempo beats. Lani marks his return with the release of the ShotByLD directed flick, “Trippen”. He lets everyone know that no matter the circumstances, he’s not tripping over anything in the least bit. Zone out to the video below.