The Answer: Yes


Former Philadelphia 76er and 9 time All-Star player also known as The Answer received his answer. The answer was YES!! Our Allen Iverson was elected this morning to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Sept 9th 2016! I say “our Allen” because Iverson definitely stayed true to himself throughout the course of his careers giving hope to little black corn-row rockin (yes corn rolls… not boxer braids) boys who grew up in a hard & similar fashion as he, that they may find it realistic to have an extremely successful career in the NBA. Not only did he ball but he left his mark all over the hip-hop community including music and fashion as well.

Iverson was among 14 finalists. The others included Shaquille O’Neal, Michigan State coach Izzo, McLendon ( the first African-American coach in a pro league), and four-time WNBA champion Sheryl Swoopes, and 10-time AAU national women’s champ Wayland Baptist University. Congratulations Allen Iverson!




“I’m not perfect. But I am trying every day to concentrate on being better.”

-Allen Inverson


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