Cardi B Inks Publishing Deal With Sony/ATV

It is no secret Cardi B is having an incredible year. The Bronx native’s smash hit song “Bodak Yellow” steadily climbed the charts, reaching No.1 on the Billboard hot 100. Cardi became the first solo female rapper in 19 years to hit No.1. The only other time this achievement has occurred is in 1998 when Lauryn Hill released her single “Doo Wop (That Thing).”

Cardi B Inks Publishing Deal With Sony/ATV

Now, Cardi B has more to celebrate after inking a worldwide publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music. Upon the announcement, Sony/ATV co-president Rick Krim called Cardi “one of a rare breed of unique artists who the industry only witnesses occasionally.” Krim’s comments follow the love Cardi has received in the industry, including a nod from superstar female emcee Nicki Minaj who tweeted congratulations to the rapper after she hit the top of the charts.

Cardi B Inks Publishing Deal With Sony/ATV

However, according to Sony/ATV senior director of A&R Jennifer Drake, Cardi’s success comes from her unbashful approach to her music and life. “Cardi B is honest, real and refreshing and has the confidence to say exactly what she is thinking and feeling,” Drake said. “It’s tangible, and you can connect to that. We are so proud to be able to work with a talented artist like Cardi and excited to see her push the culture forward.”


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